Meet Chris Fowler’s wife, Jennifer Dempster: Sports broadcaster family explored


Chris Fowler is a prominent name in sports broadcasting. The 61-year-old broadcaster has been serving for ESPN for over a quarter-century.

However, apart from his professional life, fans are always curious to learn about Chris Fowler’s wife and his family.  So let’s uncover the man behind the microphone’s personal life.

Who is Chris Fowler’s wife?

Full nameJennifer Dempster
Age54 years ( As of 2023)
Date of birth1969
Place of birthNew York
Weight58 Kg
SpouseChris Fowler

Chris Fowler’s wife’s name is Jennifer Dempster. Born in 1969, she has been living in America since her birth. A former fitness model, Jennifer appeared as one of the famous and trending celebrities.

She was well-known for her ESPN show called “BodyShaping” in the 1990s. Not just that, the talented star has garnered a decent amount of fandom from her various off-screen roles in the industry. 

Early Life, Parent, and Education

The celebrity’s wife has made no public statements regarding her parents. Hence, there is no information available on the same as of now. However, as far as her education is concerned, Jennifer first went to a local high school, according to her educational history. Following her high school graduation, she continued her schooling. Jennifer then graduated from college with a degree in science. 

Career and Interests

Jennifer made her first-ever performance at the age of 10. In the movie The Nutcracker, she portrayed the character of Clara. Her alluring beauty and sweet, girl-next-door demeanor enthralled both male and female viewers.

At the age of 16, Jennifer toured and gave performances with “American Dance Machine.” She even performed on the BodyShaping program, where she took part in aerobics and stretching segments. 

Additionally, due to her fame, Jennifer was cast in films including “It’s About Time”, “Marci X”, “Runaway”, and “The Chew.” 

How did Chris Fowler and Jennifer Dempster meet

Chris Fowler wife

Since both of them were working for ESPN, the pair first met at a Christmas party that was hosted by the organization in 1990. Over time, their love grew and one day, Fowler proposed to Jennifer on their hotel room’s balcony while they were in Paris. 

The “Green Acres” couple (as referred to by their friends) then went on to continue their love story after getting engaged to each other in Paris. Later, they married in 2006 at Okeha Castle in New York. It was a fairy tale wedding and the beginning of a forever happy life.

Additionally, Jennifer and Fowler went to exotic places in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe for their honeymoon.

Fans must note that the duo has not revealed any details about their children. There is no information as to if the couple has any kids together or not.


The Fowler Couple has completed 17 years of marriage life. According to Fowler, a married life requires lots of patience as well as good communication. The pair have proved this over time and have even confessed that they do not fight at all. On that note, we hope they keep relishing their fantastic married life.

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