100+ Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2023


Whether you’ve conducted your fantasy football draft or are still scrutinizing player rankings, one truth remains: a great team name can set the tone for your season. A team name serves as your squad’s banner, carrying its reputation throughout the entire campaign. So, just as you wouldn’t botch your first-round pick, you shouldn’t settle for a lacklustre team name either. We’ve curated an exhaustive list of amusing fantasy football team names to help you choose the right banner for your team.

Quarterback-Inspired Team Names

Best Fantasy Football Team Names

When you build your team around a star quarterback, it’s only fitting that your team name reflects this strategy. Here are some hilarious names inspired by signal-callers:

– Bryce Bryce Baby
– The Bryce Is Right
– Forever Young
– The Young and the Restless
– Fried Bryce
– Loud and Stroud
– Two’s Company, Three’s a Stroud
– Stroudy With a Chance of Deep Balls
– Levis 501
– Burrowito Bowl
– Tuafinity and Beyond
– Beg, Burrow and Steal
– Sherlock Mahomes
– Lawrence and Order
– Hit Me With Your Prescott
– Hurts So Good
– Kissing Cousins
– Mahomes Alone
– DakStreet Boys
– Kobra Kyler
– Joshin Around
– Baby Got Dak
– Almost Jameis
– Inglorious Staffords
– Dude, Where’s My Carr
– Natural Born Kylers
– The Tannehills Have Eyes
– Saving Matt Ryan
– Just the Tua Us
– Dak to the Future
– Forgot About Trey
– Return of the Mac
– Guess Who’s Mac?
– Hurts Locker
– Lamar You Serious
– Get Goff My Lawn
– Wentz Upon a Time
– Allen This Together
– 50 Shades of Trey
– Stafford Meeting
– Game of Mahomes
– Super Mariota Brothers
– Lamar The Merrier
– Mayfield of Dreams
– Aaron It Out

Running Back Inspired Fantasy Football Names

For those managers who like to rack up points on the ground, these running back-centric names could tickle your funny bone:

– Bed, Bath & Bijan
– To Infinity and Bijan
– Bijan Mustard
– Bijan With The Wind
– Let Bijans Be Bijans
– Jahmyr I Go Again
– Gibbs and You Shall Receive
– Baby Back Gibbs
– The Great Bigsby
– It’s Miller Time
– Eat More Charbs
– Bottles of Charbonnet
– Django Achaned
– Better Call Hall
– Breeced Lightning
– Young, Free and Singletary
– Kamara Shy
– Hide and Go Zeke
– Green Eggs and Cam
– King Henry’s Court
– Fresh Prince of Helaire
– Baskin Dobbins
– In the Chubb
– Zeke and Destroy
– Naj Mahal
– Najee By Nature
– Catalina Wine Mixon
– Hot Chubb Time Machine
– Abanikanda Forever
– Lights, Kamara, Action
– Sony Side Up
– Game of Jones
– Austin Powers
– Get Your Zeke On
– Dalvin and the Chipmunks
– Run CMC
– Even Stevenson
– Jacobs’ Ladder
– Oh Saquon You See
– Penny for Your Thoughts
– Instant Kamara
– Mixon Match
– Akers Dozen

Picking a team name may not seem as crucial as landing a top-tier running back or the perfect sleeper quarterback, but it sets the tone for your season. Your fantasy team name should be an emblem of both humor and creativity that you carry proudly throughout the competition. So, make your choice wisely, and let your fantasy team name be the flag you fly high all season long.

Kuljit Sandhu
Kuljit Sandhu
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