101+ Kirk Cousins Fantasy Names [All-New 2023]


Kirk Cousins is a top fantasy football quarterback, and there’s a reason for that. He is an even-keeled producer, capable of putting up gaudy stats. If you have the good fortune of him being on your side, make sure to give him a wonderful fantasy appellation.

Here are over 100 funny, creative, inappropriate, and dirty Kirk Cousins fantasy names to choose from, organized by category:

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Team Names
  • The Kirk-inator.
  • The Cousins Cannon.
  • First Cousins.
  • The Kirk-inator.
  • The Cousins Cannon.
  • First Cousins.
  • Cheaper by the Cousins.
  • But, They’re Cousins!
  • Captain Kirk.
  • Cousins of Destruction.
  • Battle of Dunkirk.
  • Kirk’s Cousins.
  • Kirk’s Pigskin Powerhouse
  • Kirk’s Gridiron Guardians
  • Cousins’ High-Stakes Squad
  • Cousins’ Mighty Movers
  • Kirk’s Winning Formula
  • Cousins’ Field Flippers
  • Kirk’s Scoring Society
  • Cousins’ Endzone Enthusiasts
  • Kirk’s Touchdown Troupe
  • Cousins’ Fantasy Flyers
  • The Kirk Cousins Show
  • Kirk’s Game Changers

Funny Fantasy Kirk Cousins Names

  • Cousins of Kirk
  • The Cousins Missile
  • Cousins of Glory
  • The Cousins Joke
  • The King of the Overpaid
  • The Cousins Show
  • Cousins of Victory
  • I’m With Your Cousins
  • Thielen up my Cousins (Adam Thielen & Kirk Cousins)
  • Irked by Kirk
  • KC and the Sunshine Band
  • KF’nC

Kirk Cousins Nickname-Based Fantasy Names

  • Kirko Chainz
  • Captain Kirko
  • Kirk Diggler
  • Kirk Thuggins
  • Kirkfuffle
  • The Cousins Interception
  • Kirk Covids
  • Kirk Command Center
  • Kirk’s Cousins
  • Kirk’s High-Scoring Heroes
  • Kirk’s Korner Pocket

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Names from Reddit

  • Kirking off 2 ur Cousins
  • My Cousins lost his Thielen
  • Kirkland signature
  • Thielen up your Cousins
  • Step Cousins
  • Cousins Dumpster Fire
  • Captain Kirk and the Purple People Eaters
  • Kirk Diggler
  • Kirk Thuggins
  • Cousins of Karma

Inappropriate Kirk Cousins Fantasy Names

  • The Cousins Waste of Money
  • The Cousins Sack
  • Cousins of Chaos
  • Kirk the captian
  • Cousins of Vindication
  • The Cousins Trash
  • Kirk-a-licious Cousins
  • I’m With Your Cousins
  • Don’t Kirk off to your cousins
  • Boykin My Cousins

Kirk Cousins Dirty Fantasy Names

  • Cousins of the Lost Ark.
  • Big Kirko.
  • Boykin My Cousins Captain Kirk Cousins.
  • But, They’re Cousins.
  • Captain Cousins’ Squadron.
  • Captain Kirk and the Purple People Eaters.
  • The Cousins Joke
  • Captain Kirk’s Conquest.
  • First Cousins Twice Removed
  • The Fumble King

Kirk Cousins Hilarious Fantasy Names

  • Kirk’s High-Scoring Heroes
  • My Cousins are better than yours
  • Not Kissing Cousins
  • The Captain Kirks
  • The Captain Kirk Crew
  • The Enterprise of Cousins
  • The Viking Voyage with Kirk
  • Vikirky
  • We’re Not Kissing Cousins
  • What’s buzzin’, cousin?

Creative Kirk Cousins Fantasy Team Names

  • Cousins of Vindication
  • Cousins’ Crusaders
  • Cousins of Courage
  • Cousins of Conviction
  • Cousins of Commitment
  • Cousins of Determination
  • Cousins of Dedication
  • Cousins of Destiny
  • Cousins of Dominance
  • Cousins of Dynasty
  • Cousins of Excellence

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Names for Girls

  • Cousins’ Cuties
  • Cousins’ Divas
  • Cousins’ Dream Team
  • Cousins’ Glam Squad
  • Cousins’ Glitter Girls
  • Cousins’ Goddesses
  • Cousins’ Glimmer Gang
  • Cousins’ Glamorous Girls
  • Cousins’ Girly Gang
  • Cousins’ Golden Girls
  • Cousins’ Gorgeous Gals

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Potential (2023)

Kirk Cousins had a rough 2022 campaign, only throwing for 4,221 yards and 22 touchdowns. But he has a lot still going on for 2023.

Cousins has a talented corps of receivers in Jefferson and Thielen. He’s got a good offensive line and running game that will be able to take some of the pressure off him too.

If Cousins can remain healthy and return to his 2021 form, 2023 could see him as a top-10 fantasy quarterback. With the potential to put up big numbers, especially in a high-powered offense like Minnesota’s.

But there is a risk to Cousins. He has a reputation of being inconsistent and turning the ball over. On top of that, Minnesota faces a tough division and Cousins will have some stiff defenses to contend with.

All in all, Kirk Cousins is a steady QB with upside. But he comes with some risk, so be careful before drafting him.

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