Ranking the 11 Most Complex Anime Power Systems


Anime is renowned, for its ability to create captivating and mesmerizing worlds often accompanied by power systems. These intricate power systems play a role in anime series influencing the dynamics of battles and character growth. In this exploration, we will delve into the 11 anime power systems shedding light on what makes them fascinating and how they contribute to the storytelling within their respective series.

Whether you are an anime fan or simply curious about the realm of anime this list promises to spark your interest and introduce you to some of the most intricate and imaginative power systems, in this art form.

List of Anime with the Best Complex Power Systems

#11. Ki from Dragon Ball

Ki also referred to as chi or energy is one of the main power systems in the Dragon Ball series. Ki is an energy that can be harnessed and utilized in ways. It empowers individuals by enhancing their strength, speed, and resilience.

Moreover, it enables them to release energy blasts soar through the skies teleport mend injuries sense the presence of others nearby create protective barriers, and even manipulate objects with their minds using telekinesis.

This life force energy originates from an area, within the body known as the dantian or energy center. Through training and meditation practices individuals can elevate their ki levels. Consequently, increases their overall power level.

#10. Bankai from Bleach

Bankai represents the transformation of a Zanpakutō marking its final upgraded form. It is attained by manifesting and subduing the spirit of the Zanpakutō. Once the spirit is successfully materialized and brought under control the wielder gains the ability to unleash their Bankai.

This allows them to tap into the potential of their Zanpakutō, which can exhibit a range of remarkable abilities compared to its initial Shikai state. Bankai forms are often distinctive and formidable, with some possessing the capability to vanquish adversaries in one swoop. However, they also place strain, on the user and prolonged usage can result in fatigue or even mortality.

#9. Geass from Code Geass

A Geass refers to an ability bestowed upon individuals, by beings known as Code Bearers. These Code Bearers are entities who have previously possessed their Geass powers. In order to bestow a Geass a Code Bearer must establish a contract, with another person.
Once an individual receives a Geass they gain the power to issue commands to others. It’s important for this command to be delivered in person with eye contact made between the two parties. Once the command is given the recipient is compelled to obey it against their will.

#8. Breathing Technique from Demon Slayer

Breathing techniques refer to a collection of swordsmanship skills that make use of the Total Concentration Breathing method. This particular breathing technique is employed by Demon Slayers.

These breathing techniques form the foundation of the Demon Slayers’ combat style granting them abilities, like increased strength, speed, and endurance. Moreover, these techniques are crucial when confronting demons since they enable Demon Slayers to harm their bodies.

#7. Alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist

Alchemy in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe is a science that allows the user to manipulate and alter matter by using natural energy. This is done by understanding the fundamental structure of matter and using this knowledge to rearrange it into new forms.

Alchemy is based on the Law of Equivalent Exchange, which states that nothing can be created or destroyed without an equal exchange. This means that in order to create something, the alchemist must sacrifice something of equal value in return.

#6. Life Fibers from Kill La Kill

Life Fibers, also known as Kamui Threads are a material that combines DNA with a special type of bacteria to create synthetic fibers. These fibers possess strength and durability. They can even absorb the life energy of humans.

The purpose of Life Fibers is to fabricate garments known as Goku Uniforms. These uniforms grant wearers incredible superhuman abilities. However, it’s important to note that Life Fibers also possess a corrupting influence, on those who wear them. The more Life fiber an individual adorns themselves with their propensity, for aggression and violence.

#5. Stands from JoJo Bizarre Adventures

Stands are a representation of a person’s strength and determination. They made their debut in the installment of the JoJos Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series, known as Stardust Crusaders.

Ordinary individuals cannot usually perceive Stands. Those who possess the ability can both see and utilize them. Stands have the power to interact with the world. They are impervious, to conventional methods of harm.

#4. Magi from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi are sorcerers who have a bond, with the Rukh, an enigmatic life force that permeates the cosmos. They possess a gift, for magic. Can conjure up Dungeons, and ancient sites brimming with valuable treasures and potent artifacts.

Moreover, the Magi bear the responsibility of selecting individuals known as King Vessels, who are destined to ascend as monarchs and guide their nations toward a future. The choice of King Vessels is typically based on their valor, strength, and empathy.

#3. Cursed Energy from Jujutsu Kaisen

Cursed energy (Jujutsu Ryoku) is a supernatural energy that is created by negative human emotions. It is the primary power source for jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits. Cursed energy can be used in a variety of ways, including Reinforcing the body, Creating cursed techniques, and Controlling cursed spirits. Cursed energy is a powerful force, but it is also dangerous. If not used properly, it can harm the user or others.

#2. Nen from Hunter × Hunter

Nen, also known as “Sense” or “Mind Force ” is an ability showcased in the manga and anime series Hunter × Hunter. It enables individuals to harness and manipulate their life energy commonly referred to as aura. While all living beings possess aura only those who have mastered Nen can consciously wield its power.

This technique is incredibly versatile serving purposes, like combat, healing, and exploration. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that Nen carries risks and should only be practiced by individuals who have undergone training.

#1. Haki from One Piece

Haki, also known as “Ambition” or “Will Power” is an ability that enables individuals to harness their energy for various purposes. It’s a power that exists within all living beings although many are unaware of it or struggle to awaken it.

There are three types of Haki; Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and Conquerors Haki. With training each type can be further. Honed. For instance, Armament Haki can be strengthened to the point where it can break through Seastone—an element known for weakening users of Devil Fruits. Observation Haki can be refined to allow the user to sense the emotions of others or even glimpse into the future. Lastly, Conquerors Haki can be cultivated to exert one’s will over a group of people.

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