Who are Dan Lanning’s parents, Janis and Don Lanning?


When you talk about up-and-coming talents in the football coaching world, Dan Lanning’s name is sure to emerge at the forefront. As the head coach of the renowned Oregon Ducks football team, Lanning has already made his mark as an innovative strategist, particularly with his exemplary defensive schemes. But what’s the story behind this rising star?

In this story, we will delve into who Dan Lanning’s parents are and what role they have played in his journey to becoming the head coach of the Oregon Ducks football team.

Don Lanning Parents

Dan Lanning Dad, Don Lanning
Dan Lanning’s Dad, Don Lanning

Dan Lanning’s father is Don Lanning. He’s a middle school science teacher in Missouri who taught Dan the importance of learning, hard work, and resilience. Their family home, near ancestral farmland, served as a classroom for both academic and life lessons.

Dan Lanning’s mother is Janis Lanning. She’s not just a middle school teacher; she’s been a big influence in his life. Dan deeply respects his mother and often mentions her as a major role model in interviews.

Her battle with a brain tumor in 2017, which she faced with grace and determination, became a poignant lesson for Dan on family and perspective. As she journeyed through her medical challenges and emerged into remission, Janis reinforced the values she had always taught: perseverance and hope.

Dan Lanning’s Siblings

Dan Lanning’s familial ties extend beyond his parents, anchored strongly by his two siblings: David, his older brother, and Becci, his half-sister.

Their bond is evident, with David often referring to Dan as his “best friend” and Becci looking up to him as a cherished “role model.”

As Dan ascends the ladder of success in his coaching career, the pride and support from his siblings are undeniable. David beams with pride, while Becci eagerly anticipates Dan’s future accomplishments with the Oregon Ducks.

Additionally, Dan shares a special bond with his nephew, Jordan, and nieces, Alexis and Adrienne, cherishing every moment he gets to spend with them.

Dan Lanning’s Career

Born and brought up in Missouri, Lanning’s passion for football was evident early on. He played college football at William Jewell College and upon graduation, immediately ventured into the realm of coaching.

Starting as a graduate assistant at Missouri State University, he didn’t stay stagnant. His journey took him to Western Kentucky University and Memphis University, where he honed his skills and expanded his coaching repertoire.

However, it was in Georgia where Lanning truly began to shine. Joining in 2018, he didn’t take long to ascend the ranks, initially serving as the outside linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator.

Just two years later, in 2020, he was elevated to the pivotal role of defensive coordinator. With Lanning’s guidance, Georgia’s defense transformed into a formidable unit, a force to be reckoned with, propelling the Bulldogs to a coveted national championship appearance in 2021.

Oregon recognized this talent, and in December 2021, they welcomed Lanning as their 36th head football coach, making him the youngest in the Pac-12 Conference.

But age is just a number. Lanning’s prowess isn’t just limited to defense; he’s an astute offensive thinker, a top-tier recruiter, and has an uncanny ability to weave together plays that leave the opposition guessing.

Now at Oregon, the future looks promising under Lanning’s leadership. Energetic, innovative, and driven, Dan Lanning isn’t just here to coach – he’s here to make history.

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