Meet Dillon Gabriel’s parents, Dori Gabriel and Garrett Gabriel: A closer look at Sooners QB’s family


Dillon Gabriel’s rise to prominence as the standout quarterback for the Sooners is more than a tale of achievement. It serves as a testament to the backing he receives from his family. In this in-depth exploration of Dillon Gabriel’s life, we delve into the roles played by his parents, Dori Gabrielhave and Garrett Gabriel, in molding the athlete’s journey toward triumph.

Who are Dillon Gabriel’s Parents?

Who are Dillon Gabriel parents

Dillon Gabriel’s parents are named Dori and Garrett Gabriel. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Dillion’s father Garrett Gabriel was a quarterback for the University of Hawaii. Dillon regards his father as his role model and mentor.

Dillion Garbriel’s mother, Dori, on the other hand, was a college softball player. She has been a Dillons fan. Has supported him throughout his football career. In a 2022 interview, Dillon Gabriel expressed;

“Since the beginning, my parents have been my supporters. They have always had faith in me when I lacked confidence in myself. I am incredibly grateful for their love and support.”

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Dillon Gabriel’s Parents Ethnicity 

Dillon Gabriel and his parents share a Hawaiian background. Dillon’s roots go back to Mililani, Hawaii, where he was born and raised. Both of his parents also hail from Hawaii. He takes pride in his Hawaiian heritage and has been vocal about promoting diversity and inclusivity in sports.

Dillon Gabriel Siblings 

Dillon Gabriel comes from a knit family with two siblings. His older brother, Garrison, and younger brother, Roman, have shown their abilities. When Dillon was a child, he found inspiration in his brother’s involvement in Pop Warner football.

It ignited his passion for the sport. Roman is also exceptionally talented. May chooses to pursue a sports career like his father and older siblings. The Gabriel family shares a bond, and Dillon’s brothers have always been by his side throughout his football journey. Their unwavering love and support mean the world to him.

Dillon Gabriel NIL Deal

Dillon Gabriel has entered into endorsement agreements with brands like EvoShield, Crimson, and Cream Booster Athletes, Addition Financial, Old Spice, Rock ‘Em Socks, Sonic, and more.

The exact amount of money he is earning from these partnerships remains unclear; however, it is believed that he is making millions of dollars annually. This substantial income for a college athlete reflects Gabriel’s popularity and market appeal.

Gabriel has been utilizing his earnings from these endorsements to support youth sports by funding uniforms and team retreats. Additionally, he has generously donated funds to Mililani High School, where he attended.

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