Miah Harbaugh: Exploring Jim Harbaugh’s First Wife and Their Divorce Story


Jim Harbaugh is recently surging on online tabloids due to several reasons including his three-game suspension, and the fact that he might be coaching an NFL team next year.

As Michigan finalizes the lucrative enormous contract deal for the HC, more and more rumors are circulating online about his personal life, first wife, and divorce. So, who exactly is Jim Harbaugh’s ex-wife, Miah, and what was the reason behind their separation? Let’s find out…

Miah Harbaugh’s Bio Summary

Real NameMiah Burke
Age (as of 2023)51 years old
Birth Year1972
Place Of BirthNew Jersey
Current ResidenceCoronado, California
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight60 kg
Net Worth$2 Million( approx.)

Who is Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-Wife?

Miah Harbaugh is the first wife of renowned American football coach Jim Harbaugh. They were married for a decade from 1996 to 2006 and have three children together: Jay, James, and Grace.

Even though they got divorced after a decade of marriage, Jim still gives her the credit for being supportive and sticking by his side during the pivotal moment of his coaching career.

Miah Harbaugh’s Early Life, Education, and Career

Miah Harbaugh was born in New Jersey in 1972 but was raised in Orlando. Her real name is Miah Burke, and she completed her bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies from the University of Michigan. She was a waitress when she met her ex-husband Jim in the late 1990s.

How Did Jim Harbaugh And Miah Harbaugh First Meet?

Jim and Miah first met in the late 1990s. At the time Miah was a waitress in a restaurant and the two dated for close to 5 years before they decided to tie the knot in 1996. They both are alumni of the University of Michigan.

At the time Jim was only an assistant coach at Western Kentucky University, and Miah played a significant role in supporting Jim throughout his coaching career and personal life.

When asked how he manages his NFL career while also taking care of his family and kids, Jim said “My wife does a lot of the work. God bless her.”

Reason For Divorce

The couple decided to go their separate ways back in 2006 after ten years of marriage. While the reasons for their divorce remain private, it was reportedly due to Jim’s alleged extramarital affair.

After the split, Miah moved to Coronado to raise her kids. She has maintained a low profile since the divorce and only focuses on raising her children and pursuing her interests.

How many Kids do Jim Harbaugh and Miah Harbaugh have together?

Jim Harbaugh and Miah Kids

Miah and Jim have three children together: Jay, James, and Grace. Their firstborn, Jay, completed his graduation from Oregon State University and is now a special teams coach at Michigan. 
Their second son, James is majoring in music, theater, and dance at the University of Michigan, and their daughter, Grace, played water polo for the Michigan Wolverines and graduated with a degree in History of Art.


It seems like both of them have moved on without any residual hard feelings and are more focused on raising and co-parenting their kids. Soon after the divorce, Jim Harbaugh got remarried to Sarah Feuerborn in 2008 and has seven kids in total from two wives.

Looks like being surrounded by controversies is just the way of life when you live in the public eye. We hope Jim can make it safely to the other side through all the hurdles.

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