Bijan Robinson Contract and Salary Breakdown: How much will Falcons RB make in 2023


The world of the NFL is no stranger to hefty contracts, especially when it comes to premier talent. Bijan Robinson’s recent contract with the Atlanta Falcons stands as a testament to that. Here’s a closer look at the details.

The Bijan Robinson Story, Rookie Spotlight via Atlanta Falcons

Bijan Robinson Contract Details

Bijan Robinson Contract and Salary Breakdown

Base Salary:

In his rookie year, 2023, Robinson is slated to earn a base salary of $750,000. This amount steadily increases over the four-year contract, culminating in a base of $1,395,000 in 2026.

Signing Bonus:

The signing bonus is where Robinson’s contract shines. He’s receiving a staggering $12,969,844 just for signing on with the Falcons. It’s worth noting that this signing bonus greatly boosts his total earnings for 2023, making it an impressive $13,719,844.

Guaranteed Money:

Robinson’s contract guarantees him a whopping $21,958,535. This essentially means that no matter what happens in terms of performance, injuries, or any unforeseen circumstances, he will walk away with over $21 million from this contract.

Cap Hit in 2023:

The cap hit is a term that describes the amount charged against a team’s salary cap in a particular year. In 2023, Robinson will account for $3,992,461 of the Falcons’ cap space.

Contract Breakdown

YearBase SalarySigning Bonus Roaster BonusGuaranteed Salary
Bijan Robinson’s Atlanta Falcons Contract Breakdown

Comparison to Other Running Backs

Robinson’s deal solidifies his spot at the top, making him the highest-paid running back from the 2023 NFL draft class. While rookie contracts can vary based on draft position, Robinson’s signing bonus and guaranteed money are indicators of the Falcons’ confidence in his potential. Not many rookies can claim such impressive numbers on their first contract.

What Does This Mean for the Falcons?

Robinson’s contract with the Falcons signals a few things about the franchise’s direction and plans:

  1. Investment in the Ground Game: With Robinson’s signing, it’s clear the Falcons are heavily investing in their ground game. They foresee Robinson being a cornerstone of their offense for years to come.
  2. High Expectations: Such a hefty contract for a rookie indicates that the Falcons have sky-high expectations for Robinson. They’ll be looking for him to deliver game-changing performances and solidify their offensive attack.
  3. Cap Management: The structure of Robinson’s contract, particularly the increasing base salary and high signing bonus, shows that the Falcons are strategic about managing their cap space. By front-loading the signing bonus, they mitigate larger cap hits in future years, giving them more flexibility to sign other key players.
  4. Future Options: The inclusion of a fifth-year option provides the Falcons with an opportunity to assess Robinson’s performance and decide on an extension in 2026. If exercised, Robinson stands to earn a salary of $1,610,000 in that year.

In conclusion, Bijan Robinson’s contract with the Atlanta Falcons not only displays the team’s faith in his abilities but also highlights their strategic planning for the future. The Falcons are looking to establish a dominant run game, and Robinson is set to be at the heart of that plan. With over $21 million guaranteed over the next four years, Robinson’s future looks as bright as ever. The ball is now in his court to prove his worth on the gridiron.

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