Meet Christian McCaffrey’s Parents, Ed and Lisa McCaffrey


Christian Jackson McCaffrey who popularly goes by his initials CMC, is the current starting running back for the San Francisco 49ers, and guess what, he was recently named among the MVP finalists.

But if you had asked us back in 2017 during his NFL draft we could have predicted his rise. His bloodline is filled with extraordinary athletes who also supersede the expectations of fans. Let’s look at Christian McCaffrey’s parents and their backgrounds.

Who Are Christian McCaffrey’s Parents?

Christian McCaffrey’s parents are Ed and Lisa McCaffrey. Both are retired athletes who made a name for themselves in their respective landscapes.

Ed McCaffrey is a former NFL wide receiver who played as the lead for three teams in his thirteen-year NFL career. Lisa McCaffrey is a former student-athlete who was a standout soccer player at Stanford. What’s more, even Chrtian’s maternal grandfather was American Olympic sprinter, Dave Sime. The sport and athleticism run deep in his bones and DNA.

Where Do Ed And Lisa McCaffrey Live?

Christian McCaffrey’s Parents, Ed and Lisa McCaffrey

Ed McCaffery was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and Lisa McCaffrey was raised in Castle Rock, Colorado. According to Christian’s dad, they crossed paths on college campuses and then it was love at first sight. Currently, they both still reside in Colorado since they got married 25 years ago.

Christian McCaffrey’s Parents’ Ethnicity, and Nationality

Both of Christian McCaffrey’s parents were conceived in America and are proud citizens of the United States Of America. They are both Caucasian and of White ethnicity.

While we can’t tell you what exact beliefs Christian McCaffrey’s parents hold, we do know that Christian and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo are both Christian and abide by their faith and religious beliefs.

Ed And Lisa McCaffrey’s Net Worth

According to reports, Ed McCaffrey’s net worth in 2024 is $7 million, which he earned during his playing career, as well as after his playing days were over as a businessman and a football coach.

While the net worth of Lisa McCaffrey isn’t public, we can safely say she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle as a wife and mother of two NFL superstars. She is also known for co-hosting the “Your Mom” podcast, which provides an unfiltered look at life as the mother of an NFL player.

Christian McCaffrey’s Siblings

Christian McCaffrey's Family

Christian McCaffrey has three siblings in total, named: Max, Dylan, and Luke. All of the McCaffrey brothers had played football growing up and wanted to walk in their father’s shoes while making a name of their own. Here’s a brief biography of each of them:

Max McCaffrey

  • Born in 1994, Max is the eldest of the four brothers.
  • He played college football at Duke University, where he was a wide receiver like his father Ed.
  • Max is a former wide receiver who played in the NFL and is currently working as an offensive assistant for the Miami Dolphins.
  • During the tenure of his career, he played for several teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New Orleans Saints.

Dylan McCaffrey

  • Born in 1999, Dylan is the third oldest sibling.
  • He was the second-highest-rated quarterback in the country coming out of high school and was highly recruited.
  • Dylan played for the University of Michigan before transferring to the Northern Colorado Bears in 2021.

Luke McCaffrey

  • Born in 2001, Luke is the youngest of the four brothers
  • He played his high school football at Valor Christian
  • Luke previously played as a quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Rice Owls.
  • He is currently preparing for the 2024 NFL Draft and was invited to participate in the Reese’s Senior Bowl.


From his father to grandfather to his youngest siblings, it looks like the whole McCaffrey family is loaded with exceptional talent and super athletic genes. While the fans wait for MVP voting results to come out, we hope for a long and continued success for the 49ers running back, Christian McCaffrey. Congratulations on a great season.

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