Meet Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend-turned-fiancee Olivia Culpo


The San Francisco 49ers just advanced to the NFC championship game after defeating the Packers in the playoffs. While fans give credit to Christian McCaffrey, he claims it’s all due to his long-time girlfriend’s unwavering support.

Let’s go back in time and find out how Christian McCaffery’s love story started and how it’s going. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Christian McCaffrey. Let’s find out more about her.

Who is Christian McCaffrey’s Fiance?

The running back superstar, Christian McCaffrey, is engaged to Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe winner and model. Both are highly accomplished individuals in their respective fields.

The rumors are they have been together since May 2019 when the running back liked Olivia Culpo’s Instagram pic.


Full NameOlivia Culpo
Age31 years old (May 8, 1992)
BirthplaceCranston, Rhode Island
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight52 kg (114 lbs)
ParentsSusan and Peter Culpo
SpouseChristian McCaffrey
OccupationModel, Actress, and Social Media Influencer
Net Worth$10 million

Early Life And Family

Born on May 8, 1992, in Rhode Island, Olivia Culpow comes from a big family of Italian and Irish descent. Her parents, Susan and Peter Culpo, have four siblings, two older and two younger: Aurora, Gus, Sophia, and Peter.

Her dad, Peter Culpo, is a musician and co-owner of a Boston-based restaurant, while her mother, Susan Curran, is a professional viola player. She has mentioned that their creative and artistic pursuit impacted her career choice.

Education And Career

Olivia Culpo attended St. Mary Academy in Bay View, Riverside. She began playing the cello in second grade and dedicated two summers to studying at the Brevard Music Center in Brevard, North Carolina to hone her skills. After finishing school she opted to study communications and acting from Boston University.

Her name blew up after she won the Miss Rhode Island USA competition in 2012, which led to her winning Miss USA. Olivia also won the Miss Universe in the same year. Today she has established herself as a prominent social media personality with a massive following online.

She has worked with various beauty and fashion brands, including L’Oréal, Kipling, and Uberliss, and also appeared in films, such as Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for 2019. Olivia has also joined her family business and recently opened her restaurant in Rhode Island.

How Did Christian McCaffery And Olivia Culpo First Meet?

Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo

Their first interaction was online when Christian McCaffrey liked an Instagram picture of Olivia Culpo and that’s what sparked their romance. According to reports, they first met up in person in 2019 and were later photographed the same year on a vacation in Mexico. Paparazzi caught the couple sunbathing and holding hands during their romantic getaway.

Christian McCaffery And Olivia Culpo Relationship

McCaffery And Olivia Culpo publicly confirmed their relationship when they attended the NFL Honors ceremony together in Florida. Since then Olivia’s been seen in attendance multiple times during Christian’s games.

In April of 2023, during their vacation in Amangiri in Utah, Christian proposed to Olivia. They shared the news publicly via their social media in heartfelt captions. Olivia wrote. “I’m marrying my best friend, I love you so much, fiancé.” While the couple aren’t officially married yet or have any children together, Olivia Culpo is a proud dog mom to her pet dog, Oliver.

Olivia Culpo’s Social Media Presence

Olivia Culpo is an accomplished model and social media influencer with a massive following of over $5.5 million on Instagram with a significant following on other platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Her resume includes Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe, and a net worth of $10 million approximately as of 2024. Her sister Sophia Culpo is also a social media celebrity who also has garnered a significant following of 250k followers on Instagram.

Olivia Culpo’s Past Relationships

Olivia Culpo has dated several high-profile athletes and celebrities in the past. She was in a relationship with Nick Jonas for nearly two years, during which Jonas wrote his hit song “Jealous” inspired by Culpo.

She’s also been linked with various NFL stars including former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and NFL receiver Danny Amendola. She also dated Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte before she met Christian McCaffrey.


Olivia Culpo, is a successful model, beauty pageant titleholder, and social media influencer, who has been in the public eye for her modeling success and her high-profile relationships with celebrities and athletes.

However, her most significant and enduring relationship is with San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, whom she has been dating since May 2019 and they just got engaged in April 2023.

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