Meet Dak Prescott’s Parents, Peggy, and Nathaniel Prescott


After clinching the NFC East title in a record-breaking performance once again, Dak Prescott is surging in the news and is back on the headlines of tabloids as one of the best American football quarterbacks in the league right now.

But if you are one of his many fans you might not be aware of his tragic past and what adversity he had to push through to get to this spot. Let’s examine what the Prescott household was like and who are Dak Prescott’s parents.

Who Are Dak Prescott’s Parents?

Dak Prescott, the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is the youngest child of Peggy and Nathaniel Prescott. He has three siblings and a half-brother from his father’s previous marriage.

His mom, Peggy, who died in 2013 after her battle with colon cancer at just 51 years of age was a manager at a truck stop diner called Huddle House. She worked long hours to sustain her household as a single parent after Nathaniel and she got divorced before Dak was even conceived. However, Nathaniel stayed close to his kids including Dak despite being divorced and getting re-married.

Nathaniel Prescott, Dak’s father, is a former football player who played defensive end and linebacker at Grambling State University before retiring due to injuries. He later worked as a commercial driver in the Louisiana oil field before driving city buses in Austin.

Where Do Dak Prescott’s Parents Live?

Dak Prescott Parents

Little is known about Peggy’s early life including where she was born and raised, but we do know that she along with Dak Prescott and his siblings grew up in a trailer park in rural Louisiana, specifically Princeton and Haughton.

Dak’s dad, Nathaniel Prescott held a couple of jobs and was married a few times leading him to keep moving from Louisiana to other places like Austin where he was a bus driver.

Dak Prescott’s Parents Ethnicity and Nationality

Peggy and Nathaniel Prescott are both American nationals and so is their son Dak Prescott. However, Dak is of mixed ethnicity as his mom is white and of European-American descent and his father is of African heritage.

Additionally, Dak also has some Choctaw-Apache ancestry from his maternal grandfather, Glyndell Wilbert, who belonged to the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb in Zwolle, Louisiana. It should be noted, however, that the US government does not recognize this tribe federally.

Dak Prescott’s Siblings

Dak Prescott has three siblings and a half-brother from his father’s previous marriage. He is the youngest of all the siblings. Let’s take a closer look at Dak Prescott’s siblings:

  • Older brother: Tad Prescott
  • Older brother: Jace Prescott (tragically passed away in 2020)
  • Older sister: Natalie Prescott-Smith
  • He also has an older half-brother from his father’s previous marriage, Elliott Prescott.

Both of Dak’s older brothers also played and shared his love of football like his father. Tad was a tight end and Jace was an Offensive Lineman at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. However, the Prescott family experienced another major loss when his brother Jace committed suicide in 2020 after he struggled with mental health eventually pushing him off the edge.

Dak Prescott’s Foundation And Charity Work

Dak Prescott has established the Faith Fight Finish Foundation in memory of his mother and also wears the number 4 jersey as a tribute to her because Peggy’s birthday was on September 4. Prescott even filmed a PSA in collaboration with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Lead from Beyond campaign to raise awareness about colon cancer.

He was recently named 2022’s Walter Payton Man of the Year for his charity work centered on cancer research as well as suicide prevention, in his mother and brother’s memory.


After being the central figure in the Cowboys’ NFC East title and clinching the number 1 seed in playoffs. While the road to the Super Bowl is a long and tiring road filled with countless bumps where a single accident could lead to a knockout, Dak Prescott is still a crucial asset who can take the Dallas Cowboys to the promised land, one more time.

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