Eli Manning Kids: How many children does the former NFL player have?


Eli Manning, the former NFL quarterback, who won multiple Super Bowl rings is one of the members of the Manning clan, one of the most renowned football clans in American football. He is the youngest son of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and younger brother of quarterback Peyton Manning.

With that much football in his DNA, no wonder fans are dying to learn more about Eli, his kids, his wife, etc. Also, how has life been since retirement? Let’s find out.

How many children does Eli Manning have?

Eli Manning and Abby have 4 kids in total, three daughters (Ava Francis, Lucy Thomas, Caroline Olivia) and a son (Charles Elisha).

Ava Francis, 12

Ava Francis is the first-born daughter of Eli and Abby Manning. Born on March 21, 2011, Ava loved football and going to games to watch her father ever since she was a kid, and loved cheering her dad from the side. For now, she cheerleads during her middle-school football games.

Lucy Thomas, 10

The second child in Eli and Abby Manning’s family is Lucy Thomas. Born on June 16, 2013, Lucy loves going for daddy-daughter fishing trips and dressing up to the nines for Halloween, and her dad loves sharing these little moments with the world via social media.

Caroline Olivia, 7

Eli and Abby’s third child is the adorable little Caroline Olivia. She came into the world on the 20th of May 2015 and is also a big football fan like the rest of the family. Last year Eli posted her first day of hockey practice. Looks like they have a couple of more athletic Mannings coming of age.

Charles Elisha, 4

Charles Elisha is the youngest among Eli and Abby Manning’s children, and the only boy. Born on April 3, 2019, Charles aka “Charlie” began his football practice at only 4 years old with his father. In addition to football, lil Charlie also enjoys taking golf lessons from his grandpa Archie Manning.

Eli Manning has discussed on multiple occasions how being a father has changed him. Last year Manning became a part-owner of Gotham Women’s Soccer Club. In a video released by Gotham FC, Manning said his daughters — Ava, Lucy, and Caroline — were the ones who inspired his decision to make the investment. He loves his daughters more than anything and decided it was time to open up doors for female athletes.

Eli’s kids are involved in various sports like swimming, lacrosse, hiking, and golf. Eli loves his kids and their tilt toward athleticism. He even gave them a shout-out in his farewell speech- “I don’t think I need to make public comments for my family to know how I think about them, but Abby, and to Ava and Lucy and Caroline and Charlie, you are my rock … I look forward to a little downtime; I look forward to a little time with my family.”

Eli Manning Retirement Speech via New York Giants

Eli Manning’s Kids Mother

Abby McGrew is the wife of Eli Manning and the mother of their four children. Abby is a former college soccer player and worked as a marketing coordinator for the New York Giants before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She is a devoted wife and mother and is very involved in her children’s lives.

The Mannings: A Family of Champions

Eli’s children are being raised in a home full of champions. They have two of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL for their father and uncle. Archie’s grandfather, another NFL quarterback, was also successful. As a result, Eli’s kids will have the guidance and backing of their families as they make their way toward their personal dreams.


Eli Manning has a great family with four children. He is a great father and his children are lucky they have Eli as a dad. The Manning siblings are tightly knit and back each other up. It reminds me of the bond between Eli and Peyton Manning

The Mannings are a legendary family of champions in the whole football sports history. Eli and his wife Abby McGrew are raising their kids to be kind-hearted, compassionate, and successful people like all parents. There are no plans yet to push their kids to pursue football or any sports However, it will be fun to see which kid first decides to walk into his lineage’s cleats.

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