Who is Nick Bosa’s ex-girlfriend, Jenna Berman? A look at 49ers DE Relationship Status


Nick Bosa’s football pedigree is undeniable. His father, John Bosa, was a first-round pick by the Miami Dolphins in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his older brother, Joey Bosa, is a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro linebacker for the Los Angeles Chargers.

As the star player of the San Francisco 49ers, he gets a lot of attention. Media, fans, and people in general have a natural tendency to want to know more about their favorite players. Recently news about his turbulent love life made headlines. However, many are not aware of who Nick Bosa’s ex-girlfriend is, and we are here to help.

Who is Nick Bosa’s girlfriend Jenna Berman?

Nick Bosa’s girlfriend is Jenna Berman. She is a renowned TikToker, social media model and businesswoman. She has over 250k followers on Instagram and a million followers on TikTok.

The relationship soon reached the point where she wasn’t just his girlfriend but his fiance.

However, the love didn’t last much longer. The two still seem to have some bad blood between them, even after they decided to split up last year.

Full NameJenna Berman
Age27 years (as of 2023)
Date of Birth7 March 1996
Place of BirthSouth Florida, USA
ParentsMother: Kimberly Melczek Berman, Father: Ken Jay Berman
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight120 pounds (54 kilograms)

Jenna Berman Parents and Education

Jenna Berman

Jenna Berman is the daughter of Kimberly Melczek and Ken Jay Berman. She is the youngest of three siblings after Jordan and Justin Berman. She grew up in Jupiter, Florida.

Jenna is pursuing her degree from Florida Atlantic University. At the moment, she has the ambition of obtaining a degree as an assistant physician, which shows how much she respects education and wants to go further in her career.

When Did Nick Bosa Meet Jenna Berman

The tale of Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman is an untold story, as there aren’t any reliable sources to confirm how, why, and where they first met. Still, it’s no news that Celebrity couples usually meet either through their mutual hobbies or friends.

Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman’s Break-Up

The Traffic Lights of Dating; Red Flags, Yellow Flags and Green Flags, Jenna Berman Relationship Advice

The relationship between Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman has had its own highs and lows, however, it was their chemistry and connection that caught the attention of the public.

However, Nick got a suckered punch when he found out about the breakup via social media. A video was made public on social media by Jenna after the couple decided to part ways.

The tik tok video, in which she ironically blows the NFL player a kiss, was captioned: “When he gives you the silent treatment but doesn’t know you can play that game 10x better. Bye forever”

Jenna Berman Controversy

Jenna Berman was involved in a big controversy over some of her past homophobic tweets, which she had to delete after being called out by some of her fans.

She made the tabloids once again after she took shots at her ex following the Browns loss. She posted a sexy video taunting the defensive end.

Nick Bosa’s Career

Before exploring their relationship further, it is important to mention the sensational football career of the American Player. A native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nick was born on October 22, 1997.

Nick played football in St. Thomas Aquinas High School and then went to Ohio State University where he was an outstanding defensive lineman. He won the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year award in 2017 and was selected second overall in the 2019 draft by the San Francisco 49ers.

After a short bump following an ACL tear, Nick Bosa is back on the field again.


Despite the brighter side of Nick Bosa’s career, his relationship, with Jenna Berman, has had their tough times. Their separation is a confirmation that even star athletes are involved in the same complicated web of human interaction. The remarkable journey of Nick Bosa, both on and off the football field, has continued to inspire many fans following his story, and there’s a lot we can learn from him.

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