Who is Elijah Mitchell’s wife, Jasmine LeJeune?


The running back for the San Francisco 49ers, Elijah Mitchell, has played a vital role this season in the 49ers’ pilgrimage to the Super Bowl LVIII. While his on-field stats are covered on an almost daily basis how much do we know about his personal life?

So, who is Elijah Mitchell’s wife? How long have they been together? Do they have any kids? Let’s look back and read Elijah’s love story.

Who Is Elijah Mitchell’s Wife?

Jasmine LeJeune is the wife of the starting running back of the 49ers, Elijah Mitchell. Jasmine is the long-time love and high school sweetheart of Elijah’s life. They recently got married last year and have two kids as of now and are expecting their third child in 2024.

Jasmine is known as a dedicated mother and a supportive life partner to Elijah. They have been together since their teens and their love story seems to get better and better with time.

Jasmine LeJeune’s Early Life And Family

Jasmine LeJeune, the wife of Elijah Mitchell, was born in Erath, Louisiana. She is the daughter of Denny and Amanda LeJeune and is an American national of white descent.

Jasmine attended Erath High School in Erath, Louisiana, the same place where Elijah Mitchell began his football career. After finishing school she studied nursing and earned her degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

How Did Jasmine LeJeune And Elijah Mitchell First Meet?

Jasmine and Elijah have been together since high school. Jasmine had a kid with Mitchell before they got engaged on July 5, 2021. The couple finally tied the knot at The White Magnolia in Kentwood, Louisiana on March 11, 2023, in a very romantic wedding ceremony attended by all their loved ones and family.

While exchanging vows Mitchell and Jasmine said “Two roads are finally merging into one. We have both grown and matured into adults together from high school sweethearts to where we are now. We have gone through so much and have become the best versions of ourselves together. So to officially become one, which is how it has felt for so long, is beautiful.”

How Many Kids Do Jasmine LeJeune And Elijah Mitchell Have?

Elijah Mitchell and Jasmine LeJeune

Jasmine LeJeune And Elijah Mitchell have three kids in total, all sons. Their eldest one is Emerson Reid Mitchell who was conceived on February 23, 2018, and their second son, Elliott Ryan Mitchell was born on September 24, 2020, and the youngest toddler, Eason Reign Mitchell was born on December 1, 2022. All three kids were present at their parents’ wedding.

Jasmine LeJeune And Elijah Mitchell continuously share glimpses of their children on social media and are cherishing their role as parents.


Life seems to be at an interesting point for the 25-year-old running back. From his young kids to marrying his high school sweetheart to the stardom and glamour of the Super Bowl, 2023-24 seems to be Elijah Mitchell and Jasmine’s year.

We wish the young couple a happy and long married life filled with romance and care. Congratulations on making it through all the hurdles and building a beautiful family.

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Prikshit Malik
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