Is Aaron Rodgers retiring in 2023 because of an Injury? Latest News on Jets’ star QB


Aaron Rodgers is a legendary quarterback in the NFL world. He’s also one of the highest-paid players, with 18 years of professional experience. However, his career might be ending due to a recent injury. Will this injury lead to Aaron Rodgers’ retirement, or does he have other plans?

Let’s find out what’s next for the Jets QB.

Is Aaron Rodgers Retiring in 2023 because of an Injury?

Aaron Rodgers Injury History

Aaron Rodgers’s recent injury has put his career in danger because this injury can cost him retirement. During his first game with the New York Jets, Rodgers’s Achilles tendon was torn, and this injury took around 9 to 12 months to heal completely. He is 39 years old, and by the time he heals completely, he’ll be 40 years old.

His recent injury won’t let him play till the 2024 NFL season, and by that time, he’ll be 41. Aaron himself hasn’t announced his retirement, so there’s still a chance that he might play the 2024 NFL season and then take retirement.

Rodgers’ injury history

Aaron Rodgers has suffered from multiple injuries throughout his career, but those were only physical injuries. He has always been a fit athlete with no illness or disease.

  • In 2013, Aaron had to skip seven games because, in a match against the Chicago Bears, his right clavicle got fractured.
  • 2017, In Week 6’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers sustained a second fractured right collarbone. He missed the following nine games.
  • In 2018, he had to skip one game because, during the match with the Detroit Lions, he sustained a calf strain.
  • In the Week 12 match against the Baltimore Ravens in 2022, Rodgers left pinky toe fractured. But still, he continued playing.
  • Now, in 2023, Rodgers’s Achilles tendon has been torn. It’s a severe injury, and he won’t be able to play the rest of the season.

The severity of Rodgers’ recent injury

Achilles tendon tear is a common injury in games like soccer, football, and basketball. This injury usually happens when the calf muscle is tightened while the player’s foot is firmly planted on the ground. In this injury, the muscular tissue band that helps to heal the bone gets damaged. This injury takes time to heal but isn’t life-threatening.

Aaron Rodgers’ Injury Recovery Timeline

  • Aaron Rodgers will have surgery to repair the tendon in weeks one to four.
  • He will be in a cast or boot for weeks four to eight.
  • He will begin physical therapy in weeks eight to twelve.
  • In weeks twelve to sixteen, he will begin running and doing other leg-strengthening workouts.
  • He might begin practicing with the team around weeks sixteen to twenty.

Rodgers’ contract situation

Aaron Rodgers recently just agreed to a two-year, $75 million deal with the New York Jets in 2023 which is fully guaranteed.

So if the Jets decide to remove him from their roaster, Aaron will still get his $75 million as guaranteed money for 2023 and 2024 including his signing bonus and salary.

However, the Jets might not cancel the contract; they might give Aaron Rodgers a chance till he fully recovers, but even after his recovery, certain factors will decide whether he can play or not. First of all, the Jets will see if Aaron can still perform well or not because he’ll be 41 by the time he comes back to the field.

Rodgers’ comments about retirement

Aaron Rodgers’ comments on his retirement have been quite confusing. In 2021, he commented that he isn’t sure what the future holds for him and will take things year by year. This comment was overturned by another comment in 2023 when he said he almost retired before going to Darkness Retreat, but he continued playing.

When he signed a contract with the Jets, he mentioned he was happy to play with them and wanted to play for a few more years, but he doesn’t know how many. His comments on being retired are uncertain, and no one can say for sure when he will get retired.

Fan Comments on Retirement

Fans are also giving mixed comments over Aaron’s retirement. Some say he is old and has already achieved everything an NFL player can and should retire for good. His recent injury is a sign of his retirement.

On the other hand, many fans comment that Aaron is one of the best quarterbacks, and he can still play once he recovers from his recent injury. Some fans want him to retire, and some don’t, but in the end, Aaron is the one to decide.

What experts have to say about Rodgers’ retirement risk

Some experts believe that Aaron needs to retire because even after his recovery, he might not be able to perform at a high level. While some experts believe there’s still a lot of time left for Aaron, he will come back stronger than ever before he recovers.

Experts say that Aaron is one of the finest QBs in the NFL and still has a lot of motivation left and will make his return, but some cancel this statement by saying that he is old and should say goodbye to his cleats.


Aaron Rodgers’s recent injury has raised many questions, and his career is in danger. However, he is a talented player with much to offer to the NFL world. Maybe once he heals, he’ll be back on the field, or retire for good. Anything is possible till Aaron himself clears it.

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