Jalen Carter Contract and Salary Breakdown: How much will Eagles DT make in 2024


Jalen Carter, an acclaimed tackle and the 9th overall selection, in the 2023 NFL Draft recently finalized his agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles on May 4, 2023. His rookie contract, worth $21.8 million spread over a span of four years signifies the start of what appears to be a future ahead. Now let’s delve into the specifics of Carter’s contract examining the figures that highlight his path, with the Eagles.

Jalen Carter Contract Details

Jalen Carter Contract and Salary Details

On May 4, 2023, Jalen Carter signed a contract, with the Eagles that spans four years and is worth $21,806,184. The entire amount of the contract is. He will also receive a signing bonus of $12,859,044.

Fine Print

  • Signing Bonus: A hefty $12.85 million signing bonus kicked off Carter’s contract, providing a significant initial boost to his earnings.
  • Guaranteed Salary: Carter secured a guaranteed salary of $3.96 million, ensuring financial stability as he embarks on his NFL journey.
  • The Fifth-Year Option: The contract also includes a fifth-year option, allowing the Eagles to extend their commitment to Carter should he continue to impress.

Carter’s contract structure provides motivation, for performance with earning potential through bonuses and incentives. Although the signing bonus is assured the base salaries and roster bonuses are dependent on Carters’ achievements on the field.

To receive his base salary Carter needs to fulfill a minimum of $1.25 million, in playing time incentives each year for the three years of his contract.

YearBase SalaryProrated BonusRoster BonusGuaranteed SalaryRoster Bonus

Eagles’ Investment

The Eagles are showing a lot of faith, in Jalen Carters’ future by making an investment. They’ve structured his contract in a way that could potentially earn him up to $5.5 million in 2026 indicating their expectations for him.

Carter’s ability to play both inside and outside as a tackle along with his talent as a pass addresses some weaknesses, in the Eagles’ defense. He has the potential to become a pillar of their defense for years to come.

Outlook for Carter’s Career

Jalen Carter possesses the raw talent and attributes to shine in the NFL. His physical prowess, strength, athleticism, keen instincts, and aptitude for learning make him a formidable defensive tackle prospect.

However, it’s essential to remember that Carter is still in the early stages of his development. He must adapt to the NFL’s demands and consistently make impactful plays to fulfill his potential. With dedication and hard work, he can undoubtedly establish himself as a dominant force in the NFL.

In Conclusion: Jalen Carter’s contract with the Philadelphia Eagles is not just a financial agreement; it’s a testament to their belief in his potential. Carter now faces the challenge of translating his talent into on-field success. With the right work ethic and determination, he possesses all the tools required for a prosperous NFL career. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he takes his first steps toward NFL stardom.

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