Jalen Carter Car Accident: What Really Happened [Full Breakdown]


College football player Jalen Carter has received a 12-month probation sentence following his no-contest pleas to misdemeanor charges related to a fatal January car crash that claimed the lives of a teammate and a staff member. The sentence includes a $1,000 fine, 80 hours of community service and completion of a state-approved driving course. Carter, a former top NFL draft prospect and defensive lineman for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, turned himself into Athens police after warrants were issued for his arrest in March. The charges stemmed from a racing-related accident that led to the deaths of two individuals.


Jalen Carter's Car Accident What Really Happened

Jalen Carter, a football player, from Forsyth County, Georgia gained a lot of attention. Being a five-star recruit and one of the ranked players in the state he made the decision to commit to the University of Georgia in 2020. He quickly earned himself a starting position, on their line.

Carter showed potential on the football field. Had a promising career ahead of him. However, there were also some incidents involving traffic violations. In 2021 he was cited for exceeding speed limits and engaging in driving.

Jalen Carter’s Career

Carter enjoyed a tenure at the University of Georgia where he achieved the honor of being selected to the All-SEC team. His exceptional contributions played a role in securing the Bulldogs’ victory in the 2022 championship. Moreover, Carters’ outstanding performance has positioned him as a prospect, for an early selection, in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft.

Night of the Accident

On the evening of the accident, Carter was out celebrating with his teammates, after the Bulldogs’ victorious championship. He was driving home with two passengers when he engaged in a race against LeCroy.

Both Carter and LeCroy were speeding at over 100 miles, per hour when they lost control of their vehicles and collided. Unfortunately, LeCroy’s car collided with a power pole and multiple trees resulting in the loss of her life and her passengers’ lives. On the other hand, although Carters’ car also crashed during the incident he and his passengers managed to escape with injuries.

Details of the Accident

The accident involved two cars; a Ford Expedition, driven by Chandler LeCroy, and a Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Jalen Carter. Unfortunately, LeCroy and her passenger, Devin Willock lost their lives in the accident. On the other hand, Carter and his two passengers escaped with injuries.


The police investigation into the accident concluded that Carter and LeCroy were racing at speeds of over 100 miles per hour when they lost control of their cars and crashed. The investigation also found that alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Aftermath of the Accident

Carter’s Charges

Jalen Carter charged in connection with deadly crash via CBS New York

Carter faced charges of driving and engaging in a race. He decided not to contest the charges and instead pleaded no contest. As a result, he received a 12-month sentence.

The Victim’s Families

The LeCroy and Willock families have taken action by filing death lawsuits, against Carter and the University of Georgia. These lawsuits claim that both Carter and the university failed to exercise care in preventing the accident.

The Public Reaction

The incident ignited a discussion regarding the risks associated with racing and operating vehicles while under the influence. It also prompted inquiries, into the roles that athletes and universities should play in preventing these kinds of events.

Dangers of Racing

Racing is a pursuit that carries the potential, for severe harm or even fatality. Even seasoned drivers can find themselves in a situation where they lose control over their vehicles while engaged in racing.

Importance of Driving Safely

It is extremely important to prioritize driving. This entails adhering to the speed limit refraining from consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle and maintaining attention on the road without any distractions. Consuming alcohol negatively affects both decision-making abilities and response time which is why it is illegal to drive under the influence.

The incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with racing and driving while intoxicated. It also underscores the significance of practicing responsible driving habits.

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