70+ Josh Allen Fantasy Names for 2023 [Funny, Creative]


Josh Allen has emerged as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, playing for the Buffalo Bills. Known for his strong arm and powerful running style, he has captured the hearts of football fans everywhere. If you’re a fantasy football player looking to pay tribute to this incredible QB, we have a list of fantasy football team names that will help you do just that.

Whether you admire his skill set, his leadership, or just want a catchy name for your fantasy football team, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get into it!

Josh Allen Fantasy Names for 2023

1.) The Allen Initiative
2.) Bills’ Guiding Light
3.) Josh’s Juggernauts
4.) The Allen Army
5.) Power Allen-ge
6.) Bolted by Allen
7.) Allen & Co.
8.) In Josh We Trust
9.) Flash Allen
10.) Arm of the Bills

Creative and Original Josh Allen Fantasy Team Names

11.) Buffalo’s Own Wizard
12.) Hail to the Chief Josh
13.) The Allen Ecliptic
14.) Josh’s Sleigh Ride
15.) Magnum JA
16.) Master of the Buffalo Realm
17.) Quantum of Allen
18.) The Allentron
19.) The Galactic Allen
20.) Allen, The Conqueror

Funny Fantasy Josh Allen Names to Make You Smile

21.) Just Joshin’ Ya!
22.) Allen’s Anatomy
23.) Allen: The Bill-ionaire
24.) Touchdown Tornado Josh
25.) J’osh Kidding
26.) JAMBO! (Josh Allen Might Be Outstanding)
27.) Air Allen
28.) Josh’s Juice
29.) Allen, The Buffa-clown
30.) Allen’s Sack Pack

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The Perfect Josh Allen Name for Your Fantasy Team

31.) Allen Empire
32.) JA’s Justice League
33.) Josh’s Javelins
34.) The Allendary Crew
35.) Dynamic JA Duo
36.) Sultans of the Sling
37.) The Real QB Prodigy
38.) King Josh’s Realm
39.) Majestic Allen Force
40.) Quantum Josh

Josh Allen’s Fantasy Potential (2023)

If you’re thinking about having Josh Allen lead your fantasy team, you’re looking at a high-upside option. Josh Allen is considered one of the top QBs in the NFL for a reason. He not only has a strong arm but is also a dual-threat with his running capabilities. His stats have shown continuous improvement, and with another year of experience under his belt, he’s ready to take the Bills—and your fantasy team—to new heights.

In Madden 23, Allen has even overtaken Patrick Mahomes as the top-rated QB, highlighting his increasing prowess. The Buffalo Bills have strong offensive weapons around him, especially in Stefon Diggs, providing plenty of opportunities for Allen to rack up points in both passing and rushing.

Simply put, Josh Allen offers a balanced portfolio of elite passing and running abilities that could single-handedly win you a few weeks in your fantasy league. So, why not tip your hat to the Bills’ quarterback by choosing one of these fun, creative, and original Josh Allen fantasy football team names? Choose wisely, and may your fantasy team be as successful as a Josh Allen-led drive down the field!

Kuljit Sandhu
Kuljit Sandhu
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