Lamar Jackson House and Hometown Details: Where does the Ravens QB Live?


Lamar Jackson, the two-time MVP and a Heisman trophy winner has been the talk of the town ever since he has finally signed the contract he deserved. He signed a new contract with the Baltimore Rave in March 2023 worth $260 million over the next five seasons.

However, he’s been very careful how he spends his money. He focuses more on investing and buying real estate than spending on useless luxury items like watches. Let’s look at Lamar Jackson’s house and how much it cost him.

Where Does Lamar Jackson Live Now?

Lamar Jackson lives in a luxurious mansion in Owings Mills, Maryland, a suburb about 20 minutes away from the Baltimore practice facility. He purchased it at a discounted price of only $900,000 in 2018 for which he paid cash, shortly after being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar Jackson’s House Tour

Where Does Lamar Jackson Live
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Lamar Jackson’s mansion is a nearly 8000-square-feet home that sits nearly on 3.3 acres of land and boasts impressive amenities like 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a spacious living room, a dining room, a chef’s kitchen with high-end appliances, a recreation room, a wet bar, movie theater, a swimming pool and spa along with a three-car garage.

It’s a perfect house for Lamar which he shares with his mother and brother, plus it’s very convenient for him to commute to work as well.

Lamar Jackson’s Other Real Estate Investment

While there are strong indications that Lamar Jackson invests in real estate beyond his primary residence in Owings Mills, the details about these investments aren’t publicly available. However, the value of his Owings Mills mansion has risen to $1.26 million, indicating a potentially smart investment choice.

Lamar Jackson also received $1.5 billion worth of real estate investment advice from business mogul, Grant Cardone who said:

“I would suggest Lamar Jackson take the entire 37 million over five years, invest the entire 185 (million) into a real asset, real estate, income-producing real estate that would then buy him times four the real estate, that would be three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of real estate ($750 million). You would not spend any money on houses, no money on watches, no money on Lambos, or Rolls-Royces.”


Lamar Jackson’s story begins in the vibrant coastal city of Pompano Beach, Florida. Born in 1997, he grew up in a working-class community. He attended two high schools in Pompano Beach.

At Santaluces Community High School, he played sparingly as a sophomore and then transferred to Boynton Beach Community High School where he quickly became the starting quarterback, astonishing everyone with his dual-threat abilities.

Car Collection

Lamar Jackson owns an impressive car collection with many coveted automobiles in his garage. Looks like he didn’t take Grant Cardone’s advice. Let’s take a closer look at all the notable and expensive cars in his collection:

  • 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost: Exuding sheer elegance and power, this $350,000 masterpiece represents the pinnacle of automotive luxury in Jackson’s fleet.
  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz SL550: This sleek and powerful convertible, valued around $300,000, allows Jackson to cruise in style with the top down. Its black finish adds a touch of sophistication.
  • 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396: A nod to American muscle car heritage, Jackson’s orange-painted Chevelle boasts a roaring V8 engine and classic chrome accents. This $40,000 beauty offers a touch of vintage charm to his collection.
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid: This $180,000 stunner combines thrilling acceleration with eco-conscious technology, offering the best of both worlds. Jackson can enjoy exhilarating performance or guilt-free driving, depending on his mood.


The 27-year-old Lamar Jackson has been breaking records while picking up multiple accolades and MVP awards along the way and it seems like his legacy continues to grow.

His luxurious lifestyle should be inspiring to other aspiring amateur football athletes who are dreaming about making it to the NFL.

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