Meet CeeDee Lamb’s parents, Leta Ramirez and Cliff Lamb: A look inside the Cowboys WR’s Family Background


CeeDee Lamb aka Cedarian DeLeon Lamb is one of the most outstanding wide receivers in the NFL’s 2023 season, proving the Dallas Cowboys’ decision to draft him in 2020 to be fruitful, providing the highest return on their investment in him.

As Lamb has captured the attention of every football fan with his remarkable on-field performance, join us as we take a closer look at the people who have played a crucial role in shaping his life and career – his parents.

Who are CeeDee Lamb’s Parents?

CeeDee Lamb's mom, Leta Ramirez

CeeDee Lamb hails from Opelousas, Louisiana, born on April 8, 1999, to parents Leta Ramirez and Cliff Lamb. CeeDee Lamb’s father, Cliff Lamb is a former American football player who played at MidAmerican Nazarene in Olathe, Kansas.

CeeDee Lamb’s mom, Leta Ramirez is a retired medical assistant and has four children, including CeeDee. The family lived in New Orleans until they were forced to evacuate and move to Houston due to Hurricane Katrina. 

In an interview with Dallas Cowboys, CeeDee stated: “What prompted the move from Louisiana to Texas was Katrina, and then my dad and mom both got better job offerings in Texas. So I had to move with my parents, and I just adapted to my new environment.”

CeeDee Lamb’s Parents Ethnicity

Cedarian DeLeon Lamb’s dad, Cliff Lamb is of African-American ethnicity, while Leta Ramirez’s ethnicity is believed to be Hispanic.

CeeDee Lamb began playing football at the age of five. He also enjoyed playing video games late into the night, which helped him improve his game skills. Leta Ramirez, his mother, found it difficult to get him to go to bed on time. Lamb was competitive from a young age and preferred to play with older kids.

How Leta Ramirez Shaped CeeDee Lamb’s Football Journey

CEEDEE LAMB PART 1 | Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb had a difficult childhood. His parents separated when he was very young. Since then, Lamb’s mom, Leta Ramirez, has been his rock. She worked hard to provide for her son and give him the best opportunities possible.

Leta knew that football was CeeDee’s passion, so she made sure he got to practice every day, even though it meant a long commute. Leta had a nine-to-five job as a medical assistant, but she would still drive CeeDee to practice after work. The trip was long, about 45 miles, and the traffic in Houston was always crazy. But Leta never gave up. She knew that CeeDee had the potential to be great, and she was determined to help him reach his dreams.

“My mom, growing up, she’s always been a hard worker, always striving to do anything in her power to make sure that we, me and my brothers, had food. With only one car, five of us boys were often running on about four hours of sleep, five days a week. It was tough on her, and I knew it. So, every day in practice, I didn’t just have fun; I played with intent.” – CeeDee Lamb

Lamb saw how hard his mom worked for him, and it inspired him to work hard too. He was determined to be the best football player he could be. He practiced hard every day, and he never gave up on his dreams.

CeeDee Lamb’s Tribute to Uncle Chester

CeeDee Lamb's uncle, Chester Ramirez

Coming from an athletic family, CeeDee has had a network of mentors throughout his career. One particularly influential figure was his uncle, Chester Ramirez, who played a pivotal role in shaping CeeDee into the athlete he is today. Chester Ramirez, a standout football player and member of the Air Force Academy, provided consistent support and guidance to CeeDee.

“My brother, Chester Ramirez, played a big role in Cedarian’s life. Because my brother also played football, it was, of course, just me as a mother. I didn’t know anything about football, so my brother took that up to assist me.” – Leta Ramirez

Ramirez died on July 3, 2016, from natural causes at the age of 42. Lamb credits his uncle as one of the biggest influences in his life. For that reason, Lamb wore number 3 in high school and number 2 in college. 

To mark the occasion of the 2020 NFL Draft, Lamb had a customized gold and diamond number 32 necklace made by Leo Frost, a jewelry shop owner in Houston, to honor his uncle.

Remembering his uncle, CeeDee shared in an interview, “My favorite moment was when we were at a cookout. He sat me down and advised, ‘In life, whether it’s football or whatever you do, it ends up, just be ready for the next chapter, the next stage. Because it’s gonna always be more different. Don’t ever get too comfortable.”

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With his family’s and parents’ support and his commitment, CeeDee’s hard work paid off. He became a star wide receiver at Foster High School, Texas. He was recruited by many top colleges and eventually chose to play for the University of Oklahoma.

Lamb had a great career at Oklahoma, and he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He is now a star player for the Cowboys, and he is one of the most exciting young wide receivers in the NFL.

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