Patrick Mahomes’ Signature Helmet Style: A Closer Look


Patrick Mahomes has established himself as the all-time great quarterback of the NFL. In 2023, he entered his seventh season with the Chiefs and his sixth year as a starter.

With his recent accolade of being named NFL MVP for the second time in his career, there’s a unique signature style that stands out: his helmet. But why is it so high on his head?

Patrick Mahomes’ Unique Helmet

10 Things Patrick Mahomes Can’t Live Without via GQ Sports

Beyond his prowess on the field, Mahomes is also known for the helmet he dons – the Vicis Zero2. This model is the highest-graded helmet on the Virginia Tech Helmet safety rating scale.

Prior to this, Mahomes was seen with the Vicis Zero1, but the Zero2 is the latest innovation, being both safer and lighter.

The Helmet

Model: Vicis Zero2

The Zero2 is not just a regular helmet. Coming in at 15% lighter than its predecessor, the Vicis Zero1, the Zero2 is a testament to advancements in sports technology and safety gear.

Features: Lighter, Stronger, and More Protective Than Traditional Helmets

Vicis, the company behind this groundbreaking helmet, states that the Zero2 “takes a revolutionary approach to offer out-of-the-box thinking for a completely reimagined helmet.”

What’s more intriguing is its ‘enhanced field of view’, ensuring that the players have ‘optimized vertical and horizontal sightlines,’ a feature crucial for quarterbacks like Mahomes to keep an optimum view of the field.

Why did Patrick Mahomes Wear his Helmet So High

To Improve His Vision

It’s been a talking point for many fans: Why does Mahomes wear his helmet so high on his head? The primary reason traces back to his early football days when his helmet kept slipping down, obstructing his eyesight.

By resting it slightly higher, Mahomes ensures that nothing comes between him and his view of the field.

To Protect His Neck

Another advantage of wearing the helmet higher is the protection it offers. The snug fit, combined with the position, helps safeguard his neck during tackles and abrupt movements, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

What’s Inside the Mahomes Helmet

EPS Foam Liner

The Vicis Zero2 comes equipped with an EPS foam liner that provides an added layer of protection. This foam is designed to absorb shock, reducing the impact of any hits.

Carbon Fiber Shell

The outer layer of the helmet is constructed with a carbon fiber shell. This ensures the helmet is not only lightweight but also incredibly strong, capable of withstanding the intense pressures of the game.

Impact-Absorbing Pads

Further enhancing the safety quotient are the impact-absorbing pads within the helmet. These pads are engineered to minimize concussions by dissipating forces that can injure the brain.


While Patrick Mahomes is celebrated for his exceptional talent and leadership on the football field, his signature helmet style has become an integral part of his identity.

The Vicis Zero2, with its advanced features, signifies the strides made in the domain of player safety in the NFL.

As Mahomes leads his team out at State Farm Stadium, fans will undoubtedly notice his unique helmet style, which is not just a fashion statement, but a testament to innovation and safety in the sport.

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