Puka Nacua Contract and Salary Breakdown: How much will Rams WR make in 2024


Los Angeles Rams rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua has started his professional career on an impressive note following his sensational debut. The exceptional 22-year-old wide receiver has an exciting career ahead of him and has already become a fan favorite among LA Rams fans.

The Los Angeles Rams drafted the young wide receiver in 2023 for a fair amount. Only a few games in, the rookie already has a touchdown.

He made his NFL debut with some impressive stats of 10 catches and 119 yards, making the fans feel lucky that the Rams got the biggest steal of 2023. Let’s look at the exact details of the contract and how much salary Puka will make as a wide receiver with the Rams.

How Much Does Puka Nacua Make as a WR for the Rams?

Puka Nacua Salary Breakdown

Nacua signed a four-year rookie contract with the Rams for $4,084,977 guaranteed. In 2024, he will be paid a base salary of $915,000, with his income increasing each year of his agreement. Nacua is also eligible for performance-based bonuses in addition to his regular salary. For example, if he meets specific statistical benchmarks, he could earn up to $100,000 per season.

Nacua’s salary is relatively low for a rookie wide receiver, but he has the opportunity to earn more money in future years if he performs well. He is also competing for playing time on a roster that has many wide receivers like Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson II, and Robert Woods, among many others.

Paku Nacua Salary Breakdown

YearAgeBase SalarySigning BonusCap Hit

Nacua’s contract is fully guaranteed, meaning that he will receive all of his guaranteed money even if he is released by the Rams. Paku Nacua is a young and talented player with a lot of potential. If he can perform well on the field, he has the opportunity to earn a lot of money in the NFL.

Puka can earn up to another $100,000 in performance-based bonuses, but remember these bonuses are not guaranteed and he will have to meet certain criteria to be eligible.

Puka Nacua vs. NFL WR Contracts

Puka Nacua’s contract is small in comparison to other NFL wide receivers. In terms of average annual value (AAV), his four-year, $4.08 million contract ranks 149th out of 296 wide receivers.

However, it is important to note that Nacua was drafted in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Fifth-round picks typically sign smaller contracts than players drafted in the earlier rounds, and he is still a rookie and he has plenty of time to make plenty of money.

Paku Nacua’s Net Worth

Nacua’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million approximately as of January 2024. His main source of income is his contract and salary from the Los Angeles Rams as well as any other endorsements and other sources. He also has a significant amount of followers on Instagram (60k followers) which will also add to his overall income and bring in sponsorships. For example, he had a sponsorship deal with Nike.


Puka Nacua is a young and talented wide receiver who has the potential to be a star in the NFL. He signed a four-year, $4.08 million contract with the Los Angeles Rams in 2023, which is relatively small compared to other wide receivers in the league. However, Nacua is still a bit raw, and he needs to develop his route running skills. If he can have a productive rookie season, he could earn himself a contract extension next offseason for sure.

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