Meet the 2023 Prime Video Thursday Night Football Announcers


Amazon Prime has become the destination, for Thursday Night Football featuring a lineup of known announcers like Al Michaels and Andrea Kremer. In this article, we’ll not only introduce you to these announcers but also give you a sneak peek into the entire crew of Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football consisting of 18 individuals.

Thursday Night Football, which initially aired on November 23 2006 on the NFL Network has now found its broadcasting platform on Amazon Prime since 2022. Exclusive access to all NFL games, including the Black Friday game set to be streamed on November 24 2023 is available to premium members of Amazon Prime.

The 2023 regular season is set to begin on September 7th. Will be accompanied by the catchy “Prime Video Sports Theme.” As preparations are underway for the season the talented sportscasters, for Thursday Night Football have already been chosen. While their experiences may vary they all possess communication skills and engaging personalities.

Al Michaels78Play-by-Play Commentator
Andrea Kremer64Color Commentator
Kirk Herbstreit53Color Commentator
Kaylee Hartung37Sideline Reporter
Charissa Thompson41Pre-Game Host
Tony Gonzalez47Pre-Game Host
Ryan Fitzpatrick40Pre-Game Host
Richard Sherman35Pre-Game Host
Andrew Whitworth41Pre-Game Host
Terry McAulay63Halftime Commentator
Marshawn Lynch37Halftime Commentator
Taylor Rooks30Halftime Commentator
Michael Smith65Halftime Commentator
Paul Rivera50Halftime Commentator

Thursday Night Football Halftime Commentators

Thursday Night Football Halftime Commentators

Terry McAulay (Age: 63)

Terry McAulay, aged 63 is an NFL referee who has now transitioned into the role of a halftime commentator. With his understanding of the game and expertise, in rule interpretations, he brings insights, to the broadcasting team during halftime.

Marshawn Lynch (Age: 37)

Halftime Commentator. Marshawn Lynch brings a perspective, to the analysis with his playing style and charisma. Marshawn Lynch, an NFL running back is renowned for his dynamic performance on the field. His valuable experience and engaging personality provide a viewpoint, for halftime analysis.

Taylor Rooks (Age: 30)

Taylor Rooks, who is old contributes as a halftime commentator. With her knowledge and unique insights, into the world of sports, she brings a perspective that greatly enhances the halftime team dynamics.

Michael Smith (Age: 65)

Michael Smith, a 65-year individual serves as the halftime commentator. With years of experience, in sports journalism, Michael brings insights and captivating storytelling skills to enhance the halftime show.

Paul Rivera (Age: 50)

Paul Rivera serves as the halftime commentator. With his football expertise, he brings insights and a genuine love, for the game to his commentary during halftime.

Pre-Game Hosts

Charissa Thompson (Age: 41)

Charissa Thompson, who is 41 years old holds the role of Pre Game Host. With a background, as a sportscaster Charissa has gained experience working for sports networks. Her charismatic hosting approach combined with her knowledge make her a sought-after option, for game coverage.

Tony Gonzalez (Age: 47)

Tony Gonzalez, who is currently 47 years old serves as the Pre Game Host. He has a background, as an NFL tight end and is widely recognized as one of the finest in his position. Tony’s extensive knowledge of the game and exceptional skills, in analyzing plays have earned him acclaim making him a sought-after pre-game host.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Age: 40)

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is 40 years old holds the role of Pre Game Host. With his experience, as an NFL quarterback, he offers valuable strategic insights during pre-game analysis. His recent retirement brings a fresh perspective, to the hosting team.

Richard Sherman (Age: 35)

Richard Sherman, who is 35 years old serves as the game host. With his experience, as an NFL cornerback, he brings valuable insights and a player’s perspective to the pre-game discussions. Viewers appreciate his candidness and expertise in football.

Andrew Whitworth (Age: 41)

Andrew Whitworth holds the role of Pre Game Host. With his background, as an NFL lineman, he brings valuable insights, from the trenches to the pre-game team. His extensive career adds depth. Enhances the analysis.

The announcers, for Thursday Night Football, on Amazon Prime bring a deal of experience, knowledge, and charisma to the broadcast, which adds to the enjoyment of watching football. From analyzing the game at halftime to engaging in-game discussions this diverse team ensures that fans receive top-notch insights into their beloved sport.

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