Meet Tyreek Hill’s parents, Anesha and Derrick: Dolphins WR’s Family Explored


Tyreek Hills recently made comments about his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, expressing his confidence in Tua’s ability to lead the Miami Dolphins to a Super Bowl. While some fans nodded along others stirred up debate.

This isn’t the first time that Tyreek has been the focus of the media, last season he was traded and was able to bag a massive contract with which he bought his mom and dad their dream cars, which went viral. So, who are Tyreek Hill’s parents? Let’s find out…

Who Are Tyreek Hill’s Parents?

Tyreek Hill with his mom, Anesha

Tyreek Hill’s parents are Derrick Shaw and Anesha Sanchez. He was conceived on 1st March 1994 in Georgia. Although not much information about his family is available online, we do know that his dad, Derrick Shaw, used to play basketball at Life University, and is a long-time sports fanatic and that’s where Tyreek gets his love of football.

Anesha, Tyreek’s mother is a homemaker who provided a stable home environment for Tyreek during his early years and is known for her unwavering belief in her son and his abilities. Tyreek Hill reportedly grew up alongside his mother before eventually moving in with his grandmother, Virginia Hills.

Where Do Tyreek Hill’s Parents Live?

Tyreek Hill’s birthplace was Pearson, Georgia and that’s where he grew up and was raised by Derrick Shaw and Anesha Sanchez. However, he had to keep moving, mostly due to the pursuit of his dreams. During college days Tyreek Hill attended Garden City Community College in Kansas, before transferring to Oklahoma State University. During his time at Oklahoma State, he lived in the vicinity of the university.

Currently, he resides in Miami, Florida, where he plays for the Miami Dolphins. He lives in a multi-million dollar mansion located in a gated community of Southwest Ranches, a suburban town 15 miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale and about 22 miles northwest of Miami, which he shares with his wife and long-time girlfriend, Keeta Vaccaro.

Tyreek Hills Parent’s Ethnicity, and National

Both Derrick Shaw and Anesha Sanchez along with Tyreek are American nationals, with a diverse background. His father is of Haitian descent, while his mother is of African American heritage. which means Tyreek Hills is of mixed ethnicity.

His religion is Christianity. We don’t know if he is an avid believer but we do know he mentions god in interviews and has multiple tattoos referencing god, faith, and belief.

Tyreek Hill Parent’s Net Worth

Tyreek Hill’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million as of 2024. His parents, Derrick Shaw and Anesha Sanchez, have a lower profile and specific information about their net worth is not readily available online.

However, we know that his mother drives a Tesla Model X and his dad owns a Chrysler 300, which was gifted to them by their son in a heartwarming and emotional video.

Tyreek Hill’s Siblings

Tyreek Hills has two siblings named Latarsha Hill and Seth Hill. Seth is his younger brother and Latarsha is his older sister. While much is unknown about them he does post pictures with his siblings from time to time on his socials

Fun Fact: Tyreek Hill’s long-time girlfriend and wife, Keeta Vaccaro, is also a sibling of a former NFL player.


The wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins is making great strides on the gridiron as well in life. From purchasing a million-dollar mansion to having kids with his long-time girlfriend to blessing his parents with their dream cars, he’s been grateful for his success and those who supported him along the way.

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Prikshit Malik
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