Who is Rashee Rice’s Girlfriend, Dacoda Jones?


Rahee Rice has been the key to Kansas City Cheifs’s success this season. However, it seems like fans still don’t know much about the rookie especially when it comes to the romantic aspect of his life.

Let’s learn about Rahee Rice’s girlfriend while he prepares to perform under the ultimate pressure and stage of Super Bowl LVIII as over 100 million spectators watch it all unfold.

Who is Rahee Rice’s Girlfriend?

Rashee Rice and Dacoda Jones

Rashee Rice is a talented wide receiver and his girlfriend is Dacoda Jones. Dacoda Nichole Jones is a successful businesswoman and a social media influencer who’s been a long-time girlfriend of Rahee Rice.

The young couple also have a kid together and there are some recent rumours about Dacoda Jones and her possible pregnancy. Let’s learn more

Dacoda Jones Family

Dacoda Jones, born as Dacoda Nichole Jones is a Texas native who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an American national who is proud of her diverse ethnic background.

While much is not available about her family online, we know she has two siblings, a sister named Daci and a brother Caleb, who is the linebacker for the Blue Raiders at L.D. Bell recently decided to pursue his dreams at Sul Ross.

Dacoda Jones’ Career And Social Media Presence

Dacoda Jones is a social media influencer and a mom. She has over 10k followers on Instagram alone and her Instagram handle is @dacodanichole. Her net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million as of 2024.

She became a public figure after fans spotted her with Rahee Rice post-game. Jones regularly posts photos from stadiums when she is attending her boyfriend’s game. She is also a very dedicated mom and shares glimpses of her motherhood as she makes memories with her child.

Dacoda Jones And Rahee Rice’s Relationship

Rashee Rice and Dacoda Jones First Meet

Rahee Rice and Dacoda Jones have been in a long-term relationship since the athlete’s collegiate days. They have been together for a long enough time to have a kid of their own. There is also some news going around about Rahee and Dacoda having another kid on the way.

Although they aren’t officially married they do seem to have a tight and supportive relationship. We wish them both a world of happiness.

Dacoda Jones And Rahee Rice’s Kids

Dacoda Jones and Rahee have a son named Kasai born in 2021 and another one on the way. Kasai is almost 3 years old as of now in 2024. Dacoda shared a sweet adorable photo of her firstborn Kasai holding the polaroids of the sonograms to announce the news of her pregnancy in a new fashionable way to her followers via Instagram.


Rahee Rice is going through a pivotal moment in his life. As he learns to navigate his way from fatherhood to the Super Bowl stage, you can be sure of one thing his lovely and caring girlfriend will be by his side no matter what. We wish continued success to the young rookie and are praying for their kids’ health.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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