Who is Ceedee Lamb’s ex-girlfriend, Crymson Rose?


Ceedee Lamb, the top wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is making headlines every other day due to his exceptional on-field presence. He uses his diverse skill set and keen field awareness to make seemingly impossible catches look effortless.

Entering his fourth year since his 2020 NFL draft by the Cowboys, Lamb has cemented his status as a prominent player in the franchise’s offense. As he reaches his peak, football fans are curious about his relationship status with Crymson Rose.

CeeDee Lamb and Crymson parted ways a year ago. Crymson Rose shared an Instagram post with a mystery man on October 14, 2022, captioned:

“Happy birthday to my sweetest love. It’s easy to find gratitude in this life with you. With God’s will I’ll be celebrating this day forevaaa 🤍”

This article delves into the background of CeeDee Lamb’s ex-girlfriend, Crymson Rose, exploring their relationship timeline and their current dating statuses.

Crymson Rose Background Summary:

Full nameCrymson Rose
Age24 (As of December 2023)
Date of birthMarch 30, 1999
ParentsLori Love and Michael Rose
OccupationBasketball player turned Model

Who is Ceedee Lamb’s Ex-Girlfriend, Crymson Rose

Ceedee Lamb's ex-girlfriend, Crymson Rose

Fans remember Cryson Rose from her headline-making appearance at the 2020 NFL Draft alongside Ceedee Lamb, but she’s far from ordinary. Born on March 30, 1999, in Florida, United States, this 24-year-old American basketball player, model, and social media influencer is the child of Michael Rose and Lori Love.

At the tender age of six, Cryson experienced a devastating loss when her father, Michael Rose, a running back for the Oklahoma Sooners, tragically passed away in a bike accident in 2005. Despite this personal setback, Cryson remained resilient and pursued her passion for basketball while simultaneously completing her education at Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma. Subsequently, she attended the University of Oklahoma, her late father’s alma mater.

How did Ceedee Lamb and Crymson Rose Meet

Both CeeDee Lamb and Crymson Rose met in 2019 during their time at the University of Oklahoma. While they have never discussed their first meeting, research suggests that Crymson introduced herself to CeeDee Lamb as his fan and soon they started seeing each other.

Ceedee Lamb Phone Snatching Moment Takes Over Draft Night

Crymson Rose entered the spotlight when she appeared alongside CeeDee Lamb on the 2020 NFL Draft Night. As Lamb was on the phone with the Cowboys, his girlfriend, Crymson Rose, grabbed a second phone that was in Lamb’s other hand, prompting him to snatch it back from her. In no time, the video was widespread, and fans consider it one of the weirdest and funniest moments in NFL Draft history to date.

However, both Lamb and Rose clarified that she was simply trying to help by answering an incoming call on his behalf, as his agent was FaceTiming him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys. Despite the initial awkwardness, the true nature of the incident was explained, and the couple addressed the situation, emphasizing that it was a lighthearted and innocent moment.

CeeDee threw a party right after being selected by the Dallas Cowboys as the No. 17 overall pick, alongside Crymson Rose.

Crymson Rose’s Current Relationship Status

At present, Crymson Rose is in a relationship with Antonio, an American professional mixed martial artist. They have been together since 2019, following Rose’s breakup with CeeDee. On October 14, 2022, Crymson publicly announced her relationship with Antonio on Instagram. Since then, both regularly share images expressing their love on their social media profiles and frequently embark on vacations together.

Crymson also dated NBA star Trae Young during their time at Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma, but they broke up around 2018, before she began seeing Ceedee Lamb.

Trae Young pictures with Crymson started surfacing the internet right after he reacted to Rose’s phone incident, commenting, “Bruh said ‘nahhhh what you doin,” in a retweet of the video.

Is Ceedee Lamb Dating Someone now?

At present, the Dallas wide receiver appears to be enjoying some ‘me time’ and is focused on securing the Super Bowl for his team. The Cowboys are determined to end Jerry Jones’ lengthy championship drought, and through his exceptional ground performance, touchdowns, and receptions, CeeDee is giving his all.

Meanwhile, Crymson Rose is creating memories with her new boyfriend and is dedicated to establishing a career in modeling.

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