Discover Awesome Rewards in the New Overwatch 2 Event ft. Mauga!


In anticipation of Overwatch 2’s upcoming Season 8 debut on December 5, players are being treated to an awesome event centered around the game’s newest hero, Mauga. Unveiled during Blizzcon 2023, Mauga is set to join the permanent roster, and the developers have introduced the “Catch Up with Mauga” event to mark this momentous occasion, offering appealing rewards and generating excitement within the community as Overwatch 2 continues to evolve.

Overwatch 2’s Catch Up with Mauga Event: Unleash the Fury and Earn Epic Rewards

Coming from the vibrant islands of Samoa, Mauga translates to “Mountains” in his name, which he represents appropriately. His huge size and brute strength are the true reflection of Samoan culture and mythology. On his dual chainguns, Mauga can incendiary massive damage and precision while suppressing the enemy team with sheer firepower.

This is because Mauga’s arsenal includes more than just the dual chain guns. He has a range of abilities that disrupt and control the battle field enabling him to change the course of victory. In this ultimate move, Cage Fight, he creates a protective zone around himself in which no damage affects him but he damages the enemies next to him. Therefore, through this ability, Mauga can break enemy formations, cause confusion or buy some time for his team to regroup and counterattack.

Mauga’s “Overrun” ability propels him forward, knocking back and slowing down enemies along the way. This is a very effective tool for initiating fights, moving opponents from their positions of advantage, and capturing the objectives.

Mauga’s “Cardiac Overdrive” improves further on his role as a defender with high endurance capable of receiving considerable damage but remaining dangerous to foes. It changes some of the damage that he receives into temporary health to increase his survival rate and withstand intense firefights.

The “Catch Up with Mauga” event, which will run from November 21st to November 28th, presents players with a number of exciting challenges that will test their skills and push them to the edge. If you are able to beat these challenges then you will get amazing rewards such as:

Epic Mauga-Themed Cosmetics: Show off your skill at this dangerous hero by using his unique skins, sprays, or player icons.

Battle Pass XP: Move up faster in Battle Pass, and grab more rewards and content from different levels of Battle Pass.

Endorsements: Boost your endorsement level while earning positive feedback from your teammates as an appreciation for your contributions to the Overwatch 2 community.

The challenges are“Like Old Times”, where you must complete eight games with double progress on wins granting and 7,500 Battle Pass XP reward, and “A Happy Reunion,” which requires you to complete 16 games with double progress on wins and earn another 7,500 Battle Pass XP.“Making Plans” is a challenge that players can undertake to finish 24 games with double progress on wins and give you a chance to receive 7,500 Battle Pass XP. Finally, “Old Buddies” will have you finish 32 games with double progress on wins meaning that you would receive a reward of 15,000 Battle Pass XP and an exclusive “Old Buddies Spray.”

He will not be available for gameplay in the event, but Mauga is expected to make his first appearance in the upcoming Season 8 update. In response to this expectation, the developers have made a survivability buff on Mauga by addressing certain issues that arose during his trial period.

Overwhelm your foes with Samoan Tank Mauga's dual chainguns. #Overwatch2
Overwhelm your foes with Samoan Tank Mauga’s dual chainguns. #Overwatch2

More information has been unveiled about Overwatch 2’s Mauga, which implies some important alterations in him that will make playing him more interesting and fair to everyone.:

  • Replacing 150 of Mauga’s health with armor
  • Reducing the size of his headshot hitbox
  • Providing a 50% damage reduction while charging with his Overrun ability
  • Making his Overrun ability immune to cancellation by Sombra’s Hack

The “Catch Up with Mauga” event presents an excellent opportunity to earn valuable rewards and prepare for the arrival of Mauga, a formidable Tank hero who promises to reshape the battlefield in Overwatch 2. As the game continues to evolve, players can expect further exciting developments and engaging content.

Aishwary Pratap Singh
Aishwary Pratap Singh
Aishwary Pratap Singh is a content creator at Sportzhive who loves sports and anime. He is passionate about both the physical and the creative aspects of these two worlds, and he finds joy in both the action on the field and the adventures on the screen.


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