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The Starfield modding community has wasted no time in unleashing their creative talents upon Bethesda’s latest masterpiece. While some mods are designed to enhance the game’s visuals and performance, others introduce exciting gameplay mechanics and quality-of-life improvements. Let’s delve deeper into the burgeoning world of Starfield mods:

Starfield Upscaler

Crafted by PureDark, the Starfield Upscaler mod has garnered attention for its ability to replace the FSR2 rendering technique with DLSS or XeSS, resulting in smoother gameplay experiences, especially at higher resolutions. While it’s anticipated that Starfield may officially support DLSS in the future, this mod proves invaluable for those with slightly older hardware seeking a 4K experience.

Instant Scan

Navigating Starfield’s vast universe is no small feat, with over a thousand planets and moons to explore. Scanning flora and fauna repeatedly to fully survey a celestial body can be time-consuming. Just AnOrdinaryGuy’s Instant Scan mod simplifies this process, allowing players to fully index all flora and fauna with a single scan, streamlining their universe mapping endeavors. Another mod from the same creator expands the scan range, aiding explorers in charting the vastness of space.

Starfield FOV

Field of view adjustment is a common feature in modern FPS games, yet Bethesda opted not to include it in Starfield. Fortunately, modders like hellstorm102 have come to the rescue with the Starfield FOV mod. This handy creation allows players to customize their field of view via a straightforward text file. Moreover, it caters to both first-person and third-person camera perspectives, ensuring a more tailored gaming experience.

Icon Sorting Tags – Starfield Edition

Starfield’s universe offers a treasure trove of loot for intrepid adventurers, but managing the inventory and discerning valuable items can be a daunting task. mcguffin’s Icon Sorting Tags mod comes to the rescue by adding intuitive icons next to item names, making it easier for players, especially newcomers, to identify valuable loot at a glance.

DualSense – PS5 Icons

While Starfield is an Xbox-exclusive franchise, many PC players prefer the DualSense controller for its compact size and responsive triggers. EASKATER’s DualSense – PS5 Icons mod allows players using the DualSense controller to seamlessly replace Xbox button prompts with PlayStation equivalents, enhancing their gaming comfort and familiarity.


The initial Starfield loading experience has stirred some debate among players, with multiple pop-ups and warnings interrupting the journey. Gametism’s Cleanfield mod streamlines this process, offering instant loading and eliminating unnecessary elements. Players even have the option to remove the Starfield logo, although many may choose to retain this iconic feature.

Easy Digipick (Lockpick)

Lockpicking in Starfield is a skill some players prefer to expedite, and Ixion XVII’s Easy Digipick mod caters to their needs. This mod not only simplifies the lockpicking process but also allows players to bypass the lockpicking mini-game if they wish, accommodating those who seek a faster route to opening safes and locked doors.

Quantum Reshade

When it comes to enhancing Starfield’s visuals, HelloImCrimson’s Quantum Reshade stands out as a premier choice. This mod elevates the game’s visual vibrancy, bringing the beauty of the cosmos to life in striking fashion. While the original visuals are indeed commendable, this mod adds a new dimension of brilliance to the game.

All The Materials

Constructing outposts in Starfield is an exciting endeavor, but the quest for rare materials can be a time-consuming challenge. v2461’s All The Materials mod simplifies material acquisition by allowing players to effortlessly add materials to their inventory with a few clicks. While some may consider this a form of cheating, those who’ve scoured the universe for elusive resources will appreciate the convenience.

Responsive Grabbing

Starfield’s immersive world encourages players to pick up a plethora of objects. However, the process of grabbing items can become noticeably time-consuming, especially for those who loot extensively. Seb263’s Responsive Grabbing mod reduces the item-grabbing time to a mere 300 milliseconds, a welcome enhancement for dedicated looters.

These mods, diverse in their offerings, not only enrich the Starfield experience but also reflect the creativity and dedication of the modding community. As the community continues to evolve and expand, players can anticipate even more imaginative and ingenious mods that will further elevate the Starfield universe.

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