Meet Aaron Judge’s Brother John: Everything we know on Yankees Outfielder’s Sibling


The influence of sibling relationships, on athletes is known and Aaron Judge’s story in Major League Baseball is an example. Alongside his success as a New York Yankees outfielder Aaron’s brother, John Judge has also made achievements in the fields of sports and education. This article delves into John Judge’s background and upbringing examining his career path, heritage, and the impact he had on shaping Aaron’s journey, to stardom.

Who is John Judge?

John Judge is well-known as Aaron Judge’s older brother, and they were raised by their teacher’s parents, Patty and Wayne Judge. Interestingly, John Judge and Aaron Judge aren’t biological siblings; instead, they were lovingly adopted by Patty and Wayne Judge.

John Judge’s Background and Career

Aaron Judge's Brother John Judge

Growing Up

John Judge was born on February 22, 1993, in Linden, California, making him the younger brother of Aaron Judge. He shares a close bond with his renowned sibling, who has excelled in professional baseball.

Professional Career

John’s path led him to the world of basketball. He displayed his talents during his high school years at Linden High School, earning the prestigious title of California Mr. Basketball in 2011.

College Basketball

John Judge continued to hone his basketball skills while attending the University of San Francisco. During his college career, he proved himself as a two-year starter for the Dons, where he averaged an impressive 11.3 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

Overseas Ventures

Following his college basketball journey, John Judge embarked on a professional basketball career that took him to various countries, including the Philippines, Turkey, and Germany. His dedication to the sport extended beyond borders.

John Judge’s ethnicity and nationality are, in line with his place of birth in Linden, California. However, his family heritage represents the diversity that’s emblematic of American culture.

The details of John Judges’ worth are not widely known as he has primarily dedicated himself to his career, as a teacher and coach.

Does Aaron Judge Have Any Other Sibling?

Aaron Judge Responds to ‘Arson Judge’ and Untold FA Stories via Bleacher Report

 Aaron Judge’s brother, John, is a well-known figure in their family. However, there is no widely reported information suggesting the existence of additional siblings in the Judge family.


Siblings play a role in the lives of athletes providing them with support, motivation, and shared experiences. John Judge, Aaron Judges brother has made contributions, to their family’s sports legacy. His journey from Linden, California to the basketball arena exemplifies the power of connections and their impact on the world of sports.

The Significance of Siblings in Sports; Sibling relationships within the realm of sports offer a support system, motivation, and shared experiences that contribute to an athlete’s success. Aaron Judge’s journey serves as evidence of how familial bonds influence achievements in sports.

John Judge’s Influence on Aaron Judge’s Career; The presence and support of John Judge have likely played a role in shaping Aaron Judge’s career in baseball. Their close bond and shared love for sports have created a nurturing environment for Aaron to grow into a figure, within Major League Baseball (MLB).

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