Nick Castellanos’ Wife Jessica Gomez: A Look into the Phillies Star’s Personal Life


Nick Castellanos, the accomplished outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, has made significant waves in Major League Baseball (MLB). Beyond his professional achievements, many fans have shown interest in his off-field life, particularly in Nick Castellanos’ wife, Jessica. Before diving deep into his personal life, let’s take a quick glance at his illustrious baseball career.

Starting with the Detroit Tigers, Nick was a shining star from the get-go. Drafted in the first round of the 2010 MLB draft by the Tigers, he stepped onto the MLB scene in 2013. Within a short span, he was among the team’s leading hitters, showcasing his prowess in 2016 when he led with an impressive 38 home runs and a whopping 105 RBIs.

The 2019 season brought a change in direction for Castellanos. At the trade deadline, he was snapped up by the Chicago Cubs. With his remarkable skills, he bolstered the Cubs’ efforts, pushing them to the NLCS. Unfortunately, they were stopped short by the Washington Nationals. But Nick’s journey didn’t stop there. In 2020, the Cincinnati Reds recognized his talent and secured him with a four-year contract. This partnership proved fruitful, especially in 2021. Nick had a career-defining year, recording a batting average of .309, 38 home runs, and 100 RBIs.

Who is Nick Castellanos’ Wife?

Full NameJessica Gomez Castellanos
Age30 years
Date of Birth09, Jan, 1993
Place of birthFlorida
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight65 kg
SpouseNick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos is married to Jessica Gomez Castellanos, a businesswoman from New Jersey. They met in 2017, tied the knot in 2021, and welcomed their son, Otto, in 2022.

Jessica’s Early Life and Education

Jessica Gomez Castellanos, the wife of Nick Castellanos, hails from Florida. Her early life and education details remain largely private. After finishing high school in Florida, Jessica pursued higher education in college.

Jessica Gomez’s Career and Interests

Jessica Castellanos is a skilled professional in her own right. According to her LinkedIn profile, Jessica specializes in social media marketing and graphic design.

In the years before 2017, Jessica was at Universal Nutrition. Here, she played a key role as their social media manager. Then, in 2018, she took a significant step in her career. She founded her own business, All Ways Social. This venture reflects her expertise and passion for social media marketing.

Apart from her main career, Jessica has another talent. She’s been a freelance graphic designer. She began this journey in January 2017 and has been on it for over six years now. This work showcases her eye for design and creativity.

All Ways Social, her business, is not just any company. It focuses on crafting advertising and marketing campaigns. Their main clients? Creative companies. Jessica’s dedication to her work and her ability to juggle multiple roles is truly commendable. Her career and interests highlight a woman of talent, determination, and passion.

How did Nick Castellanos and Jessica Gomez first meet?

The story of Nick Castellanos and Jessica Gomez Castellanos is a modern tale of love. The couple began their romantic journey together in 2017. For four years, they nurtured their relationship, cherishing the moments and building a strong bond.

This is when Nick and Jessica decided to step into the world of social media together. They officially joined Instagram. Their shared account soon became a testament to their love story. Scrolling through their posts, one can witness their romantic moments. Pictures of their time together, filled with love and joy, populate their profile, giving fans and followers a glimpse into their affectionate relationship. On February 8, 2021, after dating for those memorable four years, they decided to tie the knot. A significant milestone in their journey was on April 25, 2017.

How many Kids do Nick Castellanos and Jessica Gomez have together?

Nick Castellanos Family

Nick Castellanos and Jessica Gomez Castellanos are proud parents to a son named Otto, born in 2022. The joy of welcoming Otto added another layer of happiness to their union. However, Otto is not Nick’s only child. From a previous marriage to Vanessa Hernandez, Nick has another son, Liam.


Nick Castellanos, a star in the world of baseball, has an equally fascinating personal life. Alongside his sporting achievements, his journey with Jessica Gomez Castellanos stands out, full of love, commitment, and the joy of parenthood. As they navigate life together, with Otto and Liam by their side, the Castellanos family embodies the harmony of professional success intertwined with heartwarming personal milestones.

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