Meet Anthony Rizzo’s Wife, Emily Vakos: A Glimpse into Their Love Life


Come with us as we embark into the heartwarming love story of Anthony Rizzo’s wife, Emily Vakos. It is a beautiful bond that has many layers. Their power-couple status aside, their love blossoms gracefully and sincerely, unseen by others in this world. Explore Anthony Rizzo’s extraordinary romance with Emily Vakos—from sharing dreams to occasional quiet moments—to get deeper into understanding it even more.

Full nameEmily Vakos 
Age30( As of April 2024)
Date of birthJanuary 9, 1994
Place of birthDellas, Texas 
NationalityOf Wife
Height5’5 (160 Cm)
Weight51kg (114 Pounds)
SpouseAnthony Rizzo 
ParentsStephanie Sudwischer and Mark Vakos

Who is Anthony Rizzo’s Wife?

The wife of Anthony Rizzo, a celebrated New York Yankees first baseman, is named Emily Vakos. This lady’s reputation in marriage and American real estate as well as her fantastic achievements as a nutritionist cannot be overlooked. In their regular public encounters, the pair reveals their mutual connection that balances between the earthliness of common life and fantasy of glamor. Throughout this journey from Chicago Cubs to New York Yankees, Emily never ceased to support Anthony through thick and thin while at the same time she pursued her career goals thereby making their relationship dynamic.

Emily Vakos Early Life and Education

Emily was born on January 9th, 1994 in Dallas, Texas to Stephanie Sudwischer and Mark Vakos. Emily Vakos is a versatile professional with a background in nutrition and food management. In May 2016, Arizona State University graduated her with a degree in Nutrition and Food Management and she has become certified as a school nutrition specialist.

It is not just sports companies that have benefitted from this but also many other health food businesses. Some of the places she has worked include St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance where she served as health assistant interned at Scottsdale Unified School District, and worked as nutritionist at Herbalife.

As much as she dedicates her life to advocating for healthy lifestyles through good eating habits, Vakos is also involved in real estate brokerage. She remains stoic about her personal life despite all her laurels but limited details are known about it like her marriage to Anthony Rizzo. Emily embraces her White ethnicity and follows the Christian faith.

How Did Anthony Rizzo and Emily Vakos Met?

It was at the 2016 spring training camp of the Chicago Cubs in Arizona, that Emily and Anthony’s love story had its inception. Doing her internship with the nutrition department of the team when she was completing her studies at the university, Emily took up a position in an unanticipated location. Even though she avoided this playful evasion, she still did not rule out the possibility of romance. When she was pursued by Anthony it is said to be “relentless”, meaning he wanted to win over her. Gradually their bond grew stronger and they began dating each other off the public eye. This whirlwind romance shows that sometimes love finds its way to us in unexpected places even amidst the hustle and bustle of professional sports.

Anthony Rizzo and Emily Vakos Marriage 

Anthony Rizzo’s home town is Miami, where in 2018 he married Emily Vakos, flanked by friends and celebrities such as country musician Brett Eldredge and former Chicago Cubs baseball player David Ross. The pair used to share their love story on social network.

Anthony popped the question with a fireworks display across Lake Michigan that they were watching; this was an unexpected engagement for Emily. She had not expected it after thinking it was just a photo shoot but when Anthony revealed the ring, the bride couldn’t talk.

Days before the nuptials took place there was also a teasing prank from Anthony who posted fake wedding pictures leading to speculations among their Instagram followers. However, the actual ceremony was one of great magnitude featuring teammates like Kris Bryant and Dexter Fowler while Brett Eldredge sang the couple’s first dance song.

Personal touches throughout were key elements of their festivities, such as Anthony’s favorite cannolis flown in from New Jersey which sealed this event in historical times.

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