Who are Tyler Kolek’s Parents, Kevin, and Lynn Kolek? Marquette Guard’s Family Background


The Marquette Golden Eagles are up to a strong start and one of the reasons behind the team’s success is its guard, Tyler Kolek, and his efforts. Kolek was recently named the Associated Press Player of the Week for Week 5 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball season.

While fans give credit for Marquette’s progress to Tyler, Kolek says the reason behind his success lies in a supportive family and his parents. So, who are Tyler Kolek’s parents? Let’s investigate.

Who are Tyle Kolek’s Parents?

Tyler Kolek's Parents, Kevin, and Lynn Kolek

Tyler Kolek was born on March 27, 2001, to Kevin and Lynn Kolek. Both Kevin and Lynn reside in Cumberland and lead a regular life together.

Kevin Kolek, Tyler’s dad, is a retired police officer and a former basketball player who played for Southeastern Massachusetts University between 1984 to 1988. He was a very talented and decorated player who was the team’s cornerstone. Kevin was the first player to be honored as the Little East Player of the Year in 1987 and led the team to two tournament titles in 1987 and 1988.

On the other hand, Lynn Kolek, Tyler’s mother, is a registered nurse at Rogers Williams Medical Center. Besides her career, she also takes good care of her two sons- Tyler and Brandon.

Where Do Tyler Kolek’s Parents Live Now?

While the exact address can be speculated, Kevin and Lynn Kolek live in Cumberland. They both are very supportive of their son and are seen cheering him from the courtside. They often travel long distances to watch their son play. According to the Press Reader, Kevin and Lynn drove 16 hours from Cumberland to Milwaukee to witness their son’s first two games of the season.

Tyler Kolek’s Parent’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Tyler Kolek

Kevin and Lynn, both white Caucasians, potentially hint at Eastern European ancestry for Tyler with the surname “Kolek,” possibly Polish or Czech. However, this remains speculative. Both Kevin and Lynn are American nationals, born and raised in the United States, and so is Tyler, making him an American citizen.

Tyler Kolek’s Parents Net Worth

The combined net worth of Kevin and Lynn Kolek is estimated to be between $1 – $2 million. Kevin is a retired police officer and Lynn is a registered nurse, and based on their average salary and other factors like real estate properties and investments we have concluded that their net worth is at least above a cool million dollars. However, these are just estimates based on limited information and should not be considered definitive figures.

Tyler Kolek’s Siblings

Tyler has an older brother, Brandon, who also plays basketball at the NCAA Division II level. Their father, Kevin, instilled a love for the sport in Tyler and his older brother Brandon by taking them to games when they were very young.

Once in an interview, Kevin Kolek said “I would take them to games when they were in their strollers, they would always be around it. As soon as they could start walking, they had a ball in their hand, and they were playing from there.”


Tyler has a long list of achievements, accolades, awards, and honors in his resume, but he still has a long way to go. Many sports analysts consider him to be a future NBA prospect.

While the team gives him all the credit, he returns all the credit to his mom, dad, and brother, especially the dad, Kevin, who served as both a coach and a mentor for Tyler throughout his career, offering valuable basketball advice that helped him refine his skills and craft.

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