Meet Reed Sheppard’s Girlfriend, Brailey Dizney – Insights into the Wildcats’ Guards Relationship and More


One of the top collegiate basketball players in the class of 2023, Reed Shephard, is also one of the most outspoken athletes right now. While his career seems to be ascending at the speed of light, so is his love life.

His girlfriend recently shared a couple of posts on the eve of Valentine’s day that piqued interests in his most die-hard fans. So, who is Reed Shephard’s girlfriend and how long have they been together.

Who Is Reed Shephard’s Girlfriend?

Reed Sheppard’s girlfriend is Brailey Dizney and they have been in a relationship for three years now. They both are Kentucky natives and hail from the same rural city of London in Laurel County, Kentucky. Although they both attended different high schools, Brailey and Reed first united, and formed an intimate bond during their family trip to their Holmes Beach in Florida. Let’s find more about Braily Dizney and her background.

Early Life And Family

Nineteen year old Brailey Dizney was born to Wendi Dizney in the small town of London, Kentuckey. Wendi is the mother of Brailey and her elder brother, Brookz, who worked hard to raise them as a single parent.

Wendi Dizney started her career as a customer service representative, however, currently she holds the title of Finance Center Manager at Forcht Bank.

Education And Career

After Brailey graduated from South Laurel High School, she opted in college to pursue higher studies. Although from the same hometown, Reed Shephard, finished his schooling from North Laurel High School. 

For Now, Reed is striving to accomplish his athletic aspirations and go pro sometime in the near future, while Disney is still trying to figure out her career path.

How Did Reed Sheppard And Brailey Dizney First Meet?

Reed Sheppard and Brailey Dizney are family friends and they fell in love during their first encounter. During a family retreat in Florida, Sheppard and Dizney’s chemistry clicked and they really hit it off. Today they have been in a relationship for three years and are getting closer than ever. Brailey is spotted cheering from the sidelines for her boyfriend on various occasions. 

Braily Dizney’s Social Media Presence

Braily’s Instagram handle is @braydizney where she keeps all her 4.4k followers updated and engaged with her posts. Since Reed and Dizney’s relationship became public, Brailey Dizney has witnessed a growth in her social media followers. 

She recently shared a reel of Reed Sheppard in her stories to show support for him and his team as Kentucky enters the first round of playoffs.


The innocent love between Bailey Dizney and Reed Sheppard stemmed from their families. They went from family friends to being best of friends to lovers and that’s just something you only see in movies. We wish them both continued success and hope the best for the two.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
Prikshit is a die-hard basketball fan who has been following the NBA for over a decade. Though he is a Gen-Zer, he likes to consider himself old-school. He is always trying to come up with better arguments for why Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and he will debate anyone on why Kobe and LeBron are a strong second or third. With a passion for sports and his love of writing, he is always excited to see where his words will take him next.


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