Meet Angel Reese’s Parents, Angel Webb and Michael Reese


Angel Reese’s performance on the court has garnered significant praise from fans, particularly her leadership in helping the LSU Tigers secure an impressive second spot and a recent victory against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

While she prepares for the WNBA, some fans are claiming that she was born for it, while others nod and agree about her basketball pedigree. Let’s learn more about Angel Reese’s parents.

Who Are Angel Reese’s Parents?

Angel Reese was born to Michael Reese and Angel Webb on May 6, 2002, in Randallstown, Maryland. Michael and Angel Webb gave birth to Angel and her younger sibling Julian. Both of their parents were professional basketball players.

However, her dad, Michael, split up with Angel shortly after the couple had two kids. He is a former athlete who played college basketball for Boston College and Loyola University of Maryland and later played basketball professionally for European Leagues in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Australia.

Angel Webb, Angel Reese’s mother, is a renowned figure in basketball circles. She played college basketball for the UMBC Retrievers and later played professionally in Luxembourg too. After the divorce, Angel Webb raised her children as a single mother and maintained a close bond with her children.

Where Does Angel Reese’s Parents Live?

Angel Reese Mother and Brother

According to most reports, Angel Webb still resides in Maryland where she conceived both her children. The current residence of her father Michael is unknown after the separation. As for Angel Reese’s primary residence, it is with the LSU Tigers basketball program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Angel Reese’s Parents Ethnicity, Nationality And Religion

Michael Reese and Angel Webb hold American nationality and both are of African-American ethnicity. Their religious beliefs are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. Although, most online sources claim Christianity to be the official faith and religion of Angel Reese.

Angel Reese’s Parents Net Worth

According to most guesses based on Michael and Angel’s careers as professional basketball, they were both millionaires, and their estimated net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2024.

The projected net worth of Angel Reese varies but according to most reports, her net worth as of 2024 is $3 million, primarily derived from her basketball career and brand partnerships.

Angel Reese’s Siblings

Angel Reese Brother, Julian

Angel Reese has a sibling, a younger brother named Julian “Juju” Reese with whom she grew up playing basketball. Julian is also a promising athlete who plays basketball at the University of Maryland, where he majors in Human Development

Julian also shares similarities with his sister, including their idol being their mom and being active on Instagram, posting highlights from his games and workouts.


Angel Reese, a talented young basketball prospect, was born to Michael Reese and Angel Webb who also had a successful career in professional basketball after playing in college. Angel Reese also has a younger brother, Julian “Juju” Reese, a basketball player at the University of Maryland. Looks like basketball runs in their family bloodline.

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