Dillon Gabriel Draft Projection: What NFL Scouts Are Saying About the Oklahoma QB


Dillon Gabriel is making waves in the football world. As a senior quarterback at the University of Oklahoma, his name is on everyone’s lips. And why not? His records speak for themselves. He’s one of the most powerful passers the NCAA has ever seen. Now, as the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, many are talking about the “Dillon Gabriel Draft Projection.” They wonder where this young talent will land.

Gabriel began his journey in Mililani, Hawaii. He joined Mililani High School. With his exceptional performance, he was named the top football player in Hawaii in 2018. Gabriel then joined the University of Central Florida (UCF). In the first year, he was outstanding, he led the team to win 10 games out of 13. Also, he was named the Rookie of the Year.

Dillon Gabriel’s NFL Draft Projection and Eligibility Status

Dillon Gabriel Draft Eligibility

Dillon Gabriel plays quarterback at the University of Oklahoma. For now, he is eligible to play for one more year for the University. Also, he is eligible to try for the 2024 NFL Draft.

According to the reports, he will be drafted on Day 3 of the draft. This is his stronger arm that will catch the attention of the teams.

Dillon Gabriel’s stats and accomplishments


  • Passing yards: 11,205 (6th all-time at UCF)
  • Passing touchdowns: 95 (7th all-time at UCF)
  • Completion percentage: 62.7%
  • Interceptions: 20


  • 2018 Gatorade Hawaii Player of the Year
  • 2019 American Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year
  • 2019 second-team All-American Athletic Conference quarterback
  • 2020 semifinalist for Maxwell and Davey O’Brien Quarterback of the Year awards
  • 2020 American Athletic Conference All-Academic Team

Dillon Gabriel’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Dillon Gabriel is an emerging player in the game. He is known for his accuracy and his passing skills. Also, his stronger arm makes him stand out from the other young players.

Dillon Gabriel has a small body frame which does not let him move as fast as the other tall players.

Dillon Gabriel’s Draft Prospects

Dillon Gabriel is an emerging player and he has a great chance if he drafts his name for NFL 2024. He is in his senior year, and he he plays well at Oklahoma, he could get into a better position in the draft.

Most of the fans believe Gabriel has the skills to get drafted easily to the NFL this year. But to be a quarterback, he needs to put in some extra workouts. All the eyes are on his performance of his last year. If he finishes it at a good number he has a better opportunity in the NFL draft 2024.

What NFL Teams Are Interested in Dillon Gabriel?

Dillon Gabriel has caught the attention of many NFL teams. Let’s talk about which ones might want him.

New England Patriots: The Patriots are thinking about the future. With Mac Jones as their current quarterback, they need someone young to train and get ready. Dillon could be that person. Why? Because he’s good at passing quickly and accurately. This makes him a nice match for what the Patriots like in a quarterback.

New York Giants: The Giants have a similar idea. They have Daniel Jones, but they also want a new young quarterback to train. Dillon can move fast on the field and even score by running with the ball. This makes him a good choice for the Giants.

Carolina Panthers: Things are changing for the Panthers. They recently traded their quarterback, Baker Mayfield, to another team. Now, they need someone new. Dillon, with his talent and promise, could be just the quarterback they’re looking for.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Big changes are happening with the Steelers too. Their famous quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, has retired. This means they need a new quarterback. Dillon is young and full of potential. He might be a great choice for the Steelers.

Seattle Seahawks: Lastly, the Seahawks are also on the lookout. They traded their quarterback, Russell Wilson. Now, they’re in search of someone new to lead the team. Dillon’s youth and skill make him an exciting option for them.

What would be a realistic draft position for Dillon Gabriel?

Dillon Gabriel is a promising quarterback, but where will he be picked in the 2024 NFL Draft? Many believe he’ll be chosen in the 4th or 5th round. He’s skilled, but he still needs to work on his skills.

If Dillon plays really well in his last college year and works on his speed, he might be picked earlier. Maybe even on the second day of the draft. But, to be a leading quarterback in the NFL, he must run faster. So, while he has a bright future, the exact spot he’s drafted will depend on his improvements.

Factors that Could Affect Dillon Gabriel’s Draft Position

Performance at Oklahoma: How Dillon plays in his senior year at Oklahoma will be very important. He did well in his junior year. Now, if he can pass for more yards, score more touchdowns, and make more of his passes count, NFL teams will be more interested in him.

Improving his Weaknesses: Dillon’s speed is the only area where he needs to improve. This is important for a quarterback. If he gets better at this, his chances in the draft could go up. Teams like quarterbacks who can both throw far and run fast.

What NFL Teams Need: Where Dillon is picked also depends on what the NFL teams need. If many teams want a new quarterback in 2024, Dillon might get picked earlier. This is because there will be more demand for someone like him.

Talent in the 2024 Class: Lastly, who else is available in 2024 matters. If there are many good quarterbacks in the draft, Dillon might get picked later. But if there are not many, he might be chosen earlier.


Dillon Gabriel’s journey to the 2024 NFL Draft is full of potential and anticipation. His performance in college, combined with his personal growth as a quarterback, will greatly influence his draft position. With the ever-changing needs of NFL teams and the talent pool of quarterbacks in 2024, predicting his exact position is challenging. Yet, one thing is clear: with his dedication, talent, and keen interest from several NFL teams, Dillon has a promising future ahead. As the draft approaches, fans and experts alike will be eagerly watching to see where this talented quarterback lands.

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