Meet Lincoln Riley’s Wife, Caitlin Buckley: Everything on USC HC’s Spouse


Lincoln Riley is entering his second season with the USC Trojans and he is dedicated to rekindling the champions spirit in the organization. USC is the second most successful program in the Pac-12 history, and the last time they won was back in 2017.

After a successful first season with the Trojans, where fans witnessed USC getting resurrected, Riley is focused on building a more balanced and disciplined team that can compete for national championships, and so far he has done an amazing job with a record of 4-0. The USC Trojans look like the most complete team in the Pac-12 till now.

Fans are loving the enthusiasm coach Riley has brought back to USC and are starting to dig into his private life.

Who is Lincoln Riley’s Wife?

Caitlin Buckley, Lincoln Riley’s wife, has been a steadfast supporter of her husband throughout his career. The two have been together for over 15 years and have two children together.

Full nameCaitlin Buckley
Date of birth5th September, 1983
Place of birthDimmitt, Texas
Weight146 lbs
SpouseLincoln Riley
ChildrenSloan, Stella
ParentsDarrell Buckle, Beth Buckley

Caitlin’s Early Life and Education

Caitlin Buckley was born Caitlin Elyse Buckley on 5 September 1983 in Dimmitt, Texas, United States. She is the daughter of Darrell Buckley and Beth Buckley. Caitlin Buckley grew up in a small populated town in Castro County, Texas, United States. She attended Dimmitt High School. When she was in school, Caitlin loved playing sports and played for her school’s football team.

Career and Interests

Right now Caitlin is a full-time homemaker and a housewife. When she was in college she worked as the nanny of the assistant coach of Texas Tech University for three years. She was also a kindergarten teacher for a while before becoming a full-time mother.

Buckley is also a passionate supporter of her hometown of Dimmitt, Texas. She is a member of the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce and often helps to promote the town’s events and businesses.

How did Lincoln and Caitlin first meet?

Caitlin Buckley and Lincoln Riley first met back when Caitlin was still in high school. They started dating in 2002 when Lincoln was a freshman at Texas Tech University and Caitlin was a senior at Dimmitt High School.

According to a 2018 profile of Caitlin in the Tulsa World, they had their first date at Olive Garden. They watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama, and Caitlin said that she knew right away that Lincoln was the one for her.


After graduating from college, Caitlin and Lincoln Riley tied the knot on 14 July 2007. Their wedding ceremony occurred at the First Methodist Church in Marble Falls, Texas. Afterward, they flew to Maui, Hawaii, for their honeymoon.

They have been married since 2007, and have two daughters together. They are a very private couple, but they are known for being supportive of each other and their family.


Lincoln Riley with his wife, Caitlin Buckle and Daughters

Lincoln Riley and Caitlin Buckley have two young daughters: Sloan and Stella. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Sloan, in December 2012, and their second daughter, Stella, in 2016. Lincoln and his wife, Caitlin, have said that their daughters are their top priority. They often bring Sloan and Stella to USC practices and games, and the girls are often seen cheering on their dad from the sidelines.

Caitlin Buckley and Lincoln Riley’s Combined Net Worth

Although Caitlin hasn’t worked in a long time, she used to be a nanny and a kindergarten teacher. As the spouse of a prominent football coach, her focus now revolves around supporting her husband and their family. The combined net worth of both of them seems to be estimated at around $32 million. A significant part of it is due to Riley’s huge contracts and deals as a head coach of USC.


In the heart of USC’s revival stands not just a terrific coach, but a steadfast partner – Caitlin Buckley, the woman behind Lincoln Riley’s unwavering ambitions. From the small town of Dimmitt, Texas, to the heights of USC, Caitlin’s journey reflects that she may be a homemaker by title, but in reality, she is the silent force behind Lincoln Riley’s dreams.

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