Meet Dillon Johnson’s Girlfriend, Jalyn, and Their Kid, Dillon Johnson Jr.


American football running back, Dillon Johnson, plays an integral part for the Washington Huskies. Dillon played a crucial part in the victory against the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl but was unfortunately injured during the final minutes of the game.

While it’s still unclear if he will play in the 2024 National Championship against the Michigan Wolverines. He recently took to X and thanked his fans for all the prayers. Let’s take this moment to look at Dillon Johnson’s girlfriend and his one-year-old son.

Who is Dillon Johnson’s Girlfriend?

Jalyn is the long-time girlfriend of Dillon Johnson with whom he shares a one-year-old child. They have known each other since seventh grade when Dillon was in Greenville, Mississippi, where he attended St. Joseph High School.

Shrouded in mystery, Jalyn keeps her personal life under wraps, meticulously controlling her public appearances. As of the latest update, her online presence showed no images of her with Dillon.

Dillon’s life took a turn on August 8, 2022, when his high school sweetheart, Jalyn, gave birth to their son, Dillon Jr., also known as ‘Little DJ’.

Dillon And Dillon Jr. Father-Son Bond

Dillon Johnson's Kid, Dillon Johnson Jr.

According to Dillon, his life changed on 8th August 2022, when he held his son, Dillon Jr., for the first time. Johnson recalled “I cried and cried when I saw him, I feel like there’s nothing like it. You can’t describe the feeling of being a dad.”

He talked about how you have to be more responsible when you have a family, and how he wants to do more than before to provide his son a better life. “That’s my dog, man,” Johnson said. “Everything that I do, I do for him and my family. He’s been nothing but a blessing, bro.”

Dillon Johnson And Jalyn Relationship

Their love story is one for the books. Dillon and Jalyn have known each other since they were teenagers. The fact that he’s been with his high school sweetheart and that they even share a son is a testament to their love.

Although they live 2,466 miles apart from each other, the fact that they have been able to make their long-distance relationship work speaks volumes about their bond. Though Jalyn and DJ live in Starkville, Mississippi, they’re planning to relocate to Seattle to be close to Dillon.

Dillon Johnson’s Pseudo Family

Dillon mentioned that he created a “pseudo-family” in Seattle referring to his teammates, as a support system while Jalyn and Little DJ were still in Mississippi. He turned the running back room into his family because of how receptive they were to him from the moment he stepped onto Montlake.

Johnson said with a smile-“Those are my dawgs. As far as the running back room as a whole, it’s hard bringing in a transfer guy, but the way they accepted me and helped me through, even when I was injured, helping me through the plays, trying to get me back on the field, keeping me positive and giving me positive vibes, it’s like they’re my brothers for life. Whatever they need, I’m going to be there for them, for sure.”

Journey To The National Championship

Dillon is a very motivated individual. He won three consecutive state championships with his team, the St. Joseph Catholic School Knights, from 2017 to 2019. He talked about how he has goals and milestones for every season that he works towards and he let it hang in the locker room for other players to see as well.

Unfortunately, he got injured so close to the national championship game, but he is recovering fast and might be ready to give his all on the 8th of January.


Dillon Johnson is a fantastic player who turned out to be a very useful asset for the Huskies this season. They can still win the National Championship on the 8th, with or without him.

While he is eligible for the NFL draft in 2024, he still has one more season of eligibility and may return for a second season to improve his draft stock. This means one more season of excitement for Washington fans and one more season for Dillon to make memories with his beloved one-year-old son, Little DJ.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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