Dillon Johnson Parents: Meet Gwen and Cedric Moore


More than just a talented running back for the Washington Huskies, 22-year-old Dillon Johnson is also a devoted young dad. He doesn’t shy away from sharing the father-son pics on social media either. Dillon Jr. is his top priority and it seems like he is very committed to his responsibility as a dad.

While Dillon openly shares his fatherly journey, details about his dad remain relatively private. Let’s find out who Dillon Johnson’s Parents are.

Who Are Dillon Johnson’s Parents?

Dillon Johnson Parents, Gwendolyn and Cedric Moore

Gwendolyn Moore and Cedric Moore are the parents of Dillon. Dillon’s birth name is Dillon Alexander Johnson-Norris and he was conceived on 15 June 2001, in Greenville, Mississippi. Dillon went to St. Joseph High School where he won three consecutive state championships and is now majoring in kinesiology.

Besides Dillon, Gwen and Cedric also gave birth to three more sons. Their names are Brice, C.J., and Brayden.

Where Do Dillon Johnson’s Parents Live?

The entire Johnson family, including Gwen and Cedric Moore, hails from Greenville, Mississippi. It’s where Dillon grew up, attended high school, and met his current girlfriend, Jalyn. It’s also where his parents held jobs.

However, Dillon currently resides in Seattle, Washington where he plays the running back position for the Washington Huskies. He is also planning to move his son, DJ, and his girlfriend, Jayln, to Seattle.

Dillon Johnson’s Parents Ethnicity and Nationality

Dillon holds a deep religious belief, and his Christian faith plays a significant role in his life, especially following the loss of his two close friends, Howard and William.

In coping with their passing, he turned to family, faith, and prayer. In their memory, he tattooed their names on his arm alongside a Bible verse — Matthew 22:14: “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Dillon Johnson’s NIL Deal

Dillon Johnson’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal is estimated at $175,000, which places him at the 521 rank among college football players.

He has partnered with brands like Montlake Futures, which testifies to his significance in the college football landscape. He also has over 15k followers on Instagram, which he monetizes to collaborate and put sponsored posts.


Although the Johnson family has done its best to preserve their privacy, as Dillon achieves more and more in his football career and moves up the ladder, it will be harder for them to do so.

After a spectacular performance in the Rose Bowl, the Washington Huskies have made it to the National Championship game, and if they win, you can be sure more details about Gwen, Cedric, Brice, C.J., and Brayden will come to light.

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Prikshit Malik
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