Fact Check: Is Jay Norvell the brother of Mike Norvell?


No, Jay Norvell and Mike Norvell are not related by blood. While they share the same surname and profession, there is no familial link between them. Both have made significant marks in college football, each with his own journey and achievements.

Who is Mike Norvell?

Is Mike Norvell related to Jay Norvell

Mike Norvell, born in Irving, Texas, is a distinguished figure in college football, currently steering the ship as the head coach for the Florida State University football team. Having begun his playing days as a wide receiver at Central Arkansas, he later transitioned into coaching, nurturing quarterbacks and wide receivers with his offensive strategies.

Mike’s coaching career started at Central Arkansas in 2007 and later led him to institutions like Memphis, Arizona State, Pittsburgh, and Tulsa. His reputation grew primarily at Memphis, where he guided the team to three bowl games in four seasons and clinched the title of American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year in 2019.

Mike Norvell Career

From his initial days as a graduate assistant at Central Arkansas to leading Florida State, Mike Norvell’s journey has been paved with accomplishments. Recognized as a Broyles Award nominee and known for his innovative offensive playbooks, Norvell has garnered respect across the college football community.

Who is Jay Norvell?

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Jay Norvell is the current head coach at Colorado State University. As a college student, he shone as a defensive back at the University of Iowa. But it’s his coaching career that has drawn widespread attention. Known for his groundbreaking offensive strategies and bold play-calling, Jay’s coaching journey began in 1987 at Iowa. It has since spanned various universities and even included an NFL stint.

Jay Norvell Career

From the early days at the University of Iowa to roles at Northern Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa State, and the NFL, Jay’s coaching path has been diverse. His contributions have been felt profoundly at institutions like Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. As the head coach at Nevada, he achieved consistent winning records, laying further testament to his coaching mettle. His most recent challenge lies in spearheading Colorado State’s football program, where his innovations continue to shine.

Professional Paths Crossed

While there is no family connection, Mike and Jay Norvell’s professional trajectories have intersected. They have worked at some of the same institutions and even faced each other on opposite sides of the field. Their mutual respect for each other’s work ethic and dedication to the sport is evident.


The world of college football is vast, and many figures may share surnames or even paths. But it’s essential to differentiate between familial and professional ties. Mike Norvell and Jay Norvell, both esteemed coaches in their own right, are prime examples of this. They may share a last name and a passion for coaching, but their journeys are distinct, and their familial trees are separate.

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