Is Mark Stoops related to Bob Stoops? Fact Check


In the world of football, the name Stoops is widely known for its coaching abilities. Mark Stoops and Bob Stoops two figures, in sports, have made contributions that have sparked curiosity among fans and enthusiasts.

People often wonder if there is a family connection between these coaching legends or if it’s a coincidence that their paths have crossed in the football realm. Let’s dive into this investigation together and uncover whether these two football icons share more, than a name.

Is Mark Stoops related to Bob Stoops?

Mark Stoops and Bob Stoops

Yes, Mark Stoops and Bob Stoops are indeed related. Mark happens to be the brother of Bob, who served as the head coach for the Oklahoma Sooners from 1999 to 2016. Currently, Mark holds the position of head coach for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Interestingly, all three Stoops brothers hail from Youngstown, Ohio. I have a shared background in college football at the University of Iowa. Following their time as players, each brother embarked on a coaching career.

Who Is Mark Stoops?

Mark Stoops, the head coach of the University of Kentucky football team hails from Youngstown, Ohio. He comes from a family with three brothers; Bob, Mike, and Ron Jr. all of whom attended the University of Iowa and transitioned from playing college football to coaching.

Bob Stoops is widely respected as the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Mike Stoops currently serves as the inside linebackers coach, at the University of Kentucky.

Since 2010 Mark Stoops has been happily married to Chantel Stoops. Together they have three daughters named Claire, Brooke, and Peyton. It’s worth noting that Mark Stoops has achieved success as Kentuckys coach, in their football history. Under his leadership spanning 11 seasons far the Wildcats have participated in four bowl games.

Who is Bob Stoops?

Bob Stoops hails from a family, with his parents, Ron Sr. And Evelyn “Dee Dee” Stoops. He is happily married to Carol Stoops, who holds the role of National Sales Director for Mary Kay.

Together they have been blessed with three children; a daughter named Mackenzie currently pursuing her education at the University of Oklahoma and twin sons, Isaac and Drake. Notably, Drake Stoops showcases his skills as a receiver for the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

Meanwhile, Isaac Stoops has honed his coaching abilities by serving as a wide receivers coach at Moore High School in Oklahoma before dedicating himself as a volunteer analyst for the University of Oklahoma Sooners during the 2021-22 football season.

It’s worth mentioning that Bob’s younger brother Mike has also made his mark in the world of football having previously held positions such as coordinator, for the Sooners and head football coach at the University of Arizona.

Mark Stoops’s Net Worth

Mark Stoops has an estimated worth of $68.8 million, which is primarily derived from his contract with the University of Kentucky. He receives a salary of $8.6 million as part of this agreement. It’s worth noting that Stoops’s contract extends until the 2031 season, indicating that his net worth will likely continue to increase.

Furthermore, Stoops supplements his income through endorsements and various business ventures. He is a brand ambassador for companies such as Chevy Trucks and Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance.

Stoops’s remarkable achievements as a college football coach have contributed to his status as one of the paid coaches in the nation.

Bob Stoops’s Net Worth 

Bob Stoops, is believed to have a net worth of, around $18 million. He accumulated his wealth throughout his career in coaching. During his tenure as the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners from 1999 to 2016 Stoops led the team to victory in the 2000 championship. Secured 10 Big 12 titles.

Stoops was well known for being one of the paid coaches in college football earning a salary exceeding $5 million during his years at Oklahoma. In addition to coaching, he achieved success through endorsements and various business ventures.

Although he retired from coaching in 2017 Stoops remains highly respected within the Oklahoma football community. His accomplishments were recognized with induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. He is widely regarded as one of the coaches, in sports history.

The Bottom Line

Mark and Bob Stoops are siblings, and their family has been a part of the football world for decades. There is no misconception not only are their surnames related, but both of them share blood relations. Both the brothers have impressive and respectable careers in coaching and are well-known in their field.

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