Meet Matt Campbell’s wife, Erica Campbell: All you need to know about Iowa State HC’s Family


Erica Campbell is the pillar of support for Matt Campbell, the head football coach at Iowa State University. From Ohio and an alumna of Mount Union College Erica brings a wealth of experience as an audiologist with more than 15 years in the field. Not only does she wholeheartedly support her husband’s coaching journey. She is also a fervent advocate for Iowa State University’s football program. In this profile, we’ll delve into the life of this woman who stands steadfastly by Matt’s side propelling his success both on and, off the field.


Full NameErica Campbell
Place of BirthMassillon, Ohio, United States
Weight125 lbs
SpouseMatt Campbell
ChildrenKaetlyn, Isabella, Rudy, and Rocco

Erica Campbell’s Early Life and Education

Matt Campbell with his wife, Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell, a resident of Massillon, Ohio was born on October 19, 1986. She had the fortune of meeting her husband, Matt, during their time, at Mount Union College. With a degree in audiology and more than 15 years of experience in the field, Erica currently holds a position at Iowa State University Health Services. 

Beyond her expertise in ear health, she is also deeply passionate about advocating for hearing wellness and providing unwavering support to her husband’s coaching journey. In her time Erica enjoys exploring destinations attending sporting events and indulging in a good book. Her dedication, to the Iowa State University community is high. She excels as both a wife and mother.

Erica Campbell’s Parents

Erica Campbell’s parents are Edward Atkins, Jr. and Thomasina Atkins. Her father, Edward Atkins, Jr., was a pastor and minister, and her mother, Thomasina Atkins, is a teacher.

Erica’s parents have had a significant impact on her life. They instilled in her strong values, such as hard work, dedication, and faith. Erica’s parents have also been very supportive of her career and her family.

Erica’s father, Edward Atkins, Jr., passed away in 2013. However, her mother, Thomasina Atkins, remains a close part of Erica’s life. Erica is grateful for the love and support of her parents.

Matt Campbell and Erica Campbell’s Marriage

The love story of Erica and Matt Campbell began during their time, as students at Mount Union College. They started dating in 2003. Got married in 2006. Now after 16 years, their love has only grown stronger.

The Campbell family consists of four children; Kaetlyn, Isabella, Rudy, and Rocco. They are a knit family that cherishes spending quality time.

Not is Erica a supporter of Matt’s coaching career but she is also a vocal advocate for the football program at Iowa State University. In return, Matt takes pride in Erica’s career accomplishments. Deeply appreciate her love and support.

As a couple Erica and Matt Campbell serve as role models for many. They have achieved success in their careers while remaining devoted to their family. Their unwavering love and support, for each other serve as an inspiration exemplifying the strength of a partnership.

In Erica’s own words, “Matt is my best friend and the love of my life. He is the most supportive and caring husband a woman could ask for. I am so grateful to have him in my life.” 

The Campbells’ marriage is a beautiful testament to true love and unwavering commitment, blessing not only each other but their entire family.


Erica Campbell is a woman who plays a role, in the life and career of Matt Campbell. The Campbell family is a knit group that cherishes their time together and offers unwavering support to one another.

Moreover, Erica excels as an audiologist and passionately advocates for the importance of hearing health and overall well-being. 

She serves as a role model to many inspiring them along their journeys. Erica Campbell’s exceptional qualities have deeply impacted those, around her. As a loving wife, mother, professional, and valued member of the community she has left an indelible mark on everyone she encounters.

Aishwary Pratap Singh
Aishwary Pratap Singh
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