Jared McCain Net Worth Revealed (2024) + NIL & Endorsements Breakdown


The freshman guard for the Duke Blue Devils, Jared McCain, is projected to be one of the highest-earning college basketball players in the coming years. From putting on a three-point exhibition to a dunk contest, Jared can do it all.

The young man is already generating tons of cash due to the Name, Image, Likeness framework. Let’s look at Jared Maccain’s net worth along with his endorsement deals and NIL value.

Jared McCain’s Net Worth And NIL Deal

Jared McCain’s net worth is estimated around $300K as of 2024. This is mostly due to lucrative endorsement deals he’s been able to bag in exchange for his name, image, and likeness.

According to On3, his current NIL is worth a cool $1 million as of this year, which puts him in 3rd rank among college basketball players.

Jared McCain’s Endorsement Deals Breakdown

How much does Jared McCain make

Jared McCain has secured several lucrative endorsement deals through the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) framework. Some of his notable partnerships include:

  • Champs Sports: McCain signed a multiyear NIL deal with Champs Sports, where he will be featured in the Eastbay Performance “Field Day” Collection alongside Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts
  • Kay Jewelers: McCain inked a deal with Kay Jewelers ahead of Mother’s Day, leveraging his relationship with his mother for an authentic partnership
  • Crocs: McCain has collaborated with Crocs, aligning the brand with his bright and fun personality
  • Warner Bros., Topps, Lemon Perfect, Upper Deck, Leaf, and Wildcard: McCain has worked with these brands as part of his endorsement portfolio.

Jared McCain’s social media presence, including over 2 million followers on TikTok and more than 500,000 on Instagram, has further enhanced his marketability and appeal to brands seeking partnerships

Is Jared McCain the highest-earning Men’s College Basketball Player?

Jared Mccain is the 3rd highest-earning men’s college basketball player and has the overall NIL rank of 19. His NIL portfolio is valued at $1 million as of 2024 and is expected to see a surge in the coming years. Let’s look at the top ten highest-earning men’s college basketball players and their NIL deals:

  1. Bronny James( NIL Valuation $5.8 million)
  2. Hansel Enmanuel( NIL Valuation $1.2 million)
  3. Jared McCain( NIL Valuation $1 million)
  4. R.J. Davis( NIL Valuation $892k)
  5. Zach Edey( NIL Valuation $815k)
  6. Shaqir O’Neal( NIL Valuation $812k)
  7. Kevin McCullar( NIL Valuation $799k)
  8. Dalton Knecht( NIL Valuation $783k)
  9. DaRon Holmes( NIL Valuation $770k)
  10. Robert Dillingham( NIL Valuation $765k)

Jared McCain’s NBA Draft Eligibility

Jared McCain is eligible for the 2024 NBA draft, as he meets the criteria for entering the draft since he is a freshman at Duke University, having turned 19 years old during his senior year of high school.

Although he can enter the upcoming draft, based on most speculations he will come back to play another season at Duke.


Jared McCain is one of those young talents who’s supposed to make lots of money and get drafted in the NBA during the first round. His hard work and resilience have helped him overcome most of the adversity so far and he is going to keep climbing the charts until he reaches his goals. Jared’s dedication is inspiring and contagious.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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