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Aaron Rodgers, the star NFL QB has been making news lately, not just in football, but in his love life. He is reportedly dating the gorgeous Mallory Edens, who just so happens to be the daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team’s co-owner, Wes Edens. Despite the interest of fans, sources claim it is “nothing serious at all.” Let’s take a deep dive into Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend, Mallory Edens, and their relationship.

Mallory Edens Early Life and Education

Mallory Edens and Aaron Rodgers

Mallory Edens was born on April 18, 1996, in New York City to billionaire Wes Edens. But her journey has been about more than just family wealth. Graduate of the esteemed Trevor Day School, Princeton University.

While at Princeton, she displayed her athletic prowess as a Division I mid-distance runner in the track and field program. While sports were an important part of her life, Mallory started to shift her focus after her freshman and sophomore years away.

Mallory Edens Career

Mallory Edens after completing her studies went on to have a highly successful modelling career and become a popular social media influencer. Her modeling has earned her the spotlight which has seen her being recognized as something other than the daughter of a billionaire.

Mallory’s fame goes beyond modeling, as she became notorious in 2019 for throwing shade at Drake by wearing a Pusha-T shirt to a Bucks game. Currently living in New York City, she has made her mark in fashion & entertainment.

Mallory Edens Parents

Wes Edens (Mallory’s dad) is a principal owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and co-owner of Premier League side Aston Villa, further proof of his involvement in the world of sport. Her mom, Lynn Edens, plays a supportive part.

How did Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens meet for the first time?

Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend 2023

While Rodgers and Edens publicly announced they are dating in early 2023, their connection precedes their romantic entanglement. The two first came into contact because of Rodgers’ minority ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks.

They were frequently spotted together courtside at Bucks games, though there were no rumors of a romantic involvement. However, in August 2023, Mallory Edens publicly affirmed her support for Rodgers by attending a Jets preseason game against the New York Giants. This marked the first public acknowledgment of their relationship.


To sum it all up, Mallory Edens is not just Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend; she’s much more than that. She has her accomplishments. Born into wealth, she has pursued her interests in modeling and social media influencing while also maintaining a connection to sports, thanks to her father’s ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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