Average Cost of Super Bowl Tickets in 2024: Analyzing The Prices Over The Years


Every year, the crescendo of the NFL season culminates in the grand spectacle known as the Super Bowl. A magnet for football aficionados, celebrities, and anyone keen to partake in the festivities, the Super Bowl’s allure has propelled its ticket prices to staggering heights. This article traces the evolution of these prices, deciphering why this annual event has become one of the most expensive tickets in sports.

How Much Will Super Bowl Tickets Cost in 2024?

Anticipation buzzes through the air as fans eagerly await Super Bowl 2024. While the game promises intense competition and show-stopping entertainment, it also comes with a hefty price tag. Average ticket costs are expected to reach $5,896, with premium lower-level seats fetching up to $10,175. Such a price not only guarantees viewers a piece of the action but also an experience that remains unparalleled in the world of sports.

Price of The First Super Bowl Tickets

What Was The Price of The First Super Bowl Tickets?

Journeying back to 1967, a Super Bowl ticket was a mere $12. When adjusted for inflation, that’s about $87 today—a stark contrast to current rates. It’s hard to imagine a time when the Super Bowl wasn’t a guaranteed sellout, but only 61,946 of the 100,594 seats available at the Los Angeles Coliseum were occupied during that inaugural game.

Trends in Super Bowl Ticket Prices Over The Years

Super Bowl’s magnetic appeal has seen a consistent surge in ticket prices. 

YearsAverage Ticket Price
Super Bowl average ticket price history

Why Are Super Bowl Tickets So Expensive?

The Super Bowl isn’t just another game; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its transition from a mere sports event to a full-blown entertainment extravaganza explains the soaring ticket costs. Star-studded halftime performances, coupled with exclusive in-game experiences and events surrounding the game, contribute to its hefty price.

Factors Contributing to The High Cost of Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl Fun Facts via Fball Takes

1. Limited Capacity: Despite expensive NFL stadiums, there’s a cap on the number of fans that can attend, leading to a supply-demand disparity.

2. Star Power: Halftime shows with global superstars, from Michael Jackson to Beyonce, play a significant role in the event’s magnetism.

3. Seat Location: A closer view of touchdowns, tackles, and turnovers doesn’t come cheap.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Super Bowl Tickets

1. Book Early: Historically, ticket prices tend to skyrocket closer to the event. Early bookings can yield cost savings.

2. Explore Secondary Markets: Trusted platforms like SeatGeek, StubHub, and NFL Ticket Exchange often have resellers who might offer competitive rates.

3. Group Deals: If you’re planning to go with a group, look out for bulk discounts. Some providers reward buying in volume.

4. Stay Updated: Follow official NFL announcements, as they occasionally release tickets or offer special promotions.


The Super Bowl, with its amalgamation of top-tier sport and high-octane entertainment, justifies its ticket prices for many. For those fortunate enough to secure a seat, it promises an unforgettable experience filled with electrifying moments and memories that last a lifetime. While the cost might seem exorbitant, the ambiance, energy, and history unfolding in real time make it worth every penny.

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