Meet Bijan Robinson’s parents, Lamont and LaMore Sauls


When we talk about rising stars in the NFL, Bijan Robinson’s name echoes prominently among fans and experts. A dynamic force on the field, his skills and determination can be traced back to his roots. Behind every great athlete, there’s often a strong support system, and in Robinson’s case, that support comes from his loving family. Much of the credit for his success and grounded nature can be attributed to Bijan Robinson’s parents. As we delve deeper into the life of this promising player, let’s get to know about his parents.

Who are Bijan Robinson’s Parents?

Bijan Robinson's parents and grandparents

Lamont and LaMore Sauls are the proud parents of Bijan Robinson. Together they have been the supportive force for the emerging NFL player.

Lamont Sauls Father

Lamont Sauls is not the biological father of Bijan Robinson. But his mother LaMore Sauls married Lamont when he was young. The bond between Lamont and Bijan is very good and he has helped him throughout his career. But in his childhood, Bijan decided to stay with his grandparents.

In the career of Bijan Robinson, Lamont has been always there as a solid pillar. He has always been there in his matches cheering for him. Also, when Bijan was selected for Houston Texans, Lamont was alongside him being his cheerleader.

One can sense the deep pride and love Lamont has for Bijan. In a chat with the Arizona Daily Star, Lamont once said, “I’m so proud of the young man he’s become. He’s hard-working, dedicated, and an amazing teammate. I’m thrilled for him.”

Bijan, in return, often credits his success to Lamont’s constant support. He once shared, “My stepdad has been key to my success. He’s always stood by me and believed in me. I’m really thankful for him.”

LaMore Sauls – Mother

LaMore Sauls is a talented woman with skills. She is a licensed aesthetician and a makeup artist. Besides her beauty skills, she also works in the IT field, distributing products.

She started her own business with a brand called ‘GREENS’ in 2016. There is not much information on LaMore Sauls. So we will now dive into Bijan Robinson’s grandparents where he lived and how they were his strong support.

Bijan Robinson’s Grandparents

Bijan Robinson’s grandparents, Cleo and Gerri Robinson hold a special place in his heart. They helped raise him and shared many precious moments with him.

Cleo Robinson used to be a referee for Pac-12 football games for over 30 years. Because of Cleo, Bijan developed a big love for football. They enjoyed watching games together, and Cleo taught him that working hard and staying dedicated is very important.

On the other hand, Gerri Robinson is a caring grandmother who always supports Bijan. She feels very happy and proud when she sees Bijan succeed.

Bijan once said, “My grandparents mean a lot to me. They helped me understand life and football. I thank them for all the love they gave me.”

Both Cleo and Gerri are very proud of Bijan. They played a big role in his life, and they always cheered him on in his football career.

Bijan Robinson’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Bijan Robinson is African-American and was born in America, so he is an American citizen. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, to his mother, LaMore Sauls, and his stepfather, Lamont Sauls. Even though his name, Bijan, is Persian and means “hero,” he doesn’t have any Iranian family ties. His mother chose this special name because she wanted him to be strong. Bijan is proud of being African-American and is thankful for growing up and playing football in the USA.

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