Brock Purdy’s Siblings: Meet Sister Whittney and Brother Chubba Purdy


The year 2024 is Brock Purdy’s year. We have seen him become one of the top young players in the NFL from being the last-round pick in 2022 NFL drafts. After being dubbed as “Mr. Irrelevant” to being complimented by the Goat, Tom Brady himself, he’s been nothing but on the top of tabloids since he stepped on the gridiron.

But did you know he’s not the only athlete in the family? According to reports, all his siblings are also from athletic backgrounds. Let’s learn more about Brock Purdy’s siblings in this article.

How Many Siblings Does Brock Purdy Have?

Brock Purdy has two siblings, an older sister named Whittney Purdy and a younger brother named Chubba Purdy. Whitney Purdy, Brock Purdy’s older sister, was conceived on December 27, 1999, and Chubba Purdy was born on July 30, 2001.

All three siblings have one thing in common besides their bloodline. It’s their love of football. All three siblings support each other’s aspirations and share a strong bond.

Brock Purdy Sister and Brother

Whitney Purdy

Whitney Purdy is the older sister of NFL quarterback Brock Purdy who was born on December 27, 1999, in California, according to her Facebook profile.

She had a knack for softball and played for Southeastern University, where she was featured in 18 matches in 2020. All three siblings reciprocate their love by attending each other’s game and cheering them from the sidelines. As of now, Whitney is married to Shawn and runs the Fantastic Pools & Spas, LLC, for which she serves as the Vice President.

Chubba Purdy

Chubba Purdy is the younger brother of NFL quarterback Brock Purdy and was born on July 30, 2001, in Arizona where he attended Perry High School in Gilbert. Cubba is highly inspired by his brother and aspires to walk in his footsteps. He led his high school team to a 6A state championship game appearance and currently plays the quarterback position for San Jose State.

Chubba’s name was given to him by his dad, Petreson Purdy, who affectionately also goes by the same nickname. However, Chubba had his struggles growing up in such a competitive household with his older sister, Whittney, and his brother, Brock. Chubba told AZCentral in 2019 “Ever since we were little, competition has been everything, we just always want to win and we don’t like losing.”

Purdy Siblings Support System

Brock Purdy was nicknamed “Mr Irrelevant” after he was selected as the 262nd overall pick in the 2022 NFL drafts by the San Francisco 49ers. He recalled the draft night in a conversation with NBC Sports “I come walking out to the living room and everyone is waiting, It’s another free agency call,” trying to convince them that I didn’t get picked. “They’re like ‘no way, you’re lying,’ and Brock said, ‘That’s it.’ ”

“I’m trying to act all sad in the chair,” Brock said with a smile. And then the announcers said his name and whole family jumped up hysterically “They all screamed and jumped up like I was a first-round pick,”

And that’s what you call the support system guys. The whole Purdy family is always there for each other step by step, at their highest highs and lowest lows.


Seems like all Purdy siblings are leading a successful and satisfactory life. Whitney is a business owner and a happily married woman. Chubba Purdy on the other hand is trying to replicate his brother’s career. He is already a very touted prospect at a collegiate level and still has a long time to grow and improve before he makes it to the NFL. If he does make it to the big league, it won’t be the first and last sibling duo in football history.

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