Meet Deebo Samuel’s parents, Galen Samuel and Felicia Winn


Deebo Samuel, an American football wide receiver, has captivated the hearts of many football fans. Just last year, he received the NFC Offensive Player of the Week title. Now, he is ready to show his best skills at the Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024.

Deebo Samuel’s parents have been his biggest supporter since he was a child. In this article, you will get thorough information on who his parents are and how they played an important role in Sameul’s NFL career.

Who are Deebo Samuel’s parents?

Deebo Samuel with his mom, Felicia Winn
Image Credit: GQ – Deebo Samuel with his biological mom, Felicia Winn

Deebo Samuel’s parents are Galen Samuel and Felicia Winn. Samuel’s father gave him the moniker “Deebo” after a character in the Friday movie. His father also played an important role in the player’s NFL career. As a football lover himself, Galen made sure his son carried the same passion from a very young age.

Galen also accompanied and cheered for Sameul in various tournaments during his high school and college games. However, little information is available on his parents’ professional life. According to a source, though, Felicia Winn currently works in a restaurant.

The duo has two kids: Tyquan Samuel and Tyshun Raequan “Deebo” Samuel but both of them were rather raised by Galen’s second wife, Precious Martin. Galen married Precious when Samuel was six or seven years old.

Deebo Samuel’s biological mother, Felicia Winn got into street life and was not able to look behind her family at that time. However, Precious made sure to provide the utmost love to the Samuel brothers. The footballer too loves her the same way he loves his biological mother.

Deebo Samuel’s siblings

Deebo Samuel’s family also consists of his older brother Tyquan Samuel. While growing up, Tyquan was involved with his biological mother’s street life which ended him being jailed. However, the 28-year-old footballer credits his brother while calling him the best athlete. Samuel has even brought a home for Tyquan and their biological mother.

Deebo Samuel’s love for the super ladies and his son

Deebo Samuel has a deep love for the three women in his life. This includes his grandmother Kathy Winn, his biological mother Felicia Winn, and step mother Precious Martin.

Additionally, he also has a girlfriend Mahogany Jones, and a son Jr. Deebo who often accompanies and encourages him during his game.


Despite seeing challenges in his personal life at a very young age, Deebo Samuel remained focused on his professional life. He also made sure to give love to all those who matter in his life including his father, mother, stepmother, brother, grandmother, girlfriend, and son.


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