Who is Justin Fields’ Girlfriend, Gianna Carmona?


Selected as the 11th overall pick, Justin Skylar Fields got the nod from the Chicago Bears in 2021. Hailing from the United States, he’s made his mark as a Quarterback. At 24 years old, Fields emerged as a five-star sensation during his time at Ohio State. 

His prowess on the field, especially as a runner, propelled him to claim the coveted overall QB6 spot in the fantasy football landscape last season, even though his passing stats weren’t always at their prime. The year 2022 saw Fields amass a jaw-dropping 1,143 running yards alongside eight impressive touchdowns.

Renowned for his speed, Fields ranked fourth among the quickest Quarterbacks in the combine. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the impending superstar label might be just around the corner. As we turn our attention to 2023, all signs point toward this being the year when Justin Fields blooms into a bona fide sensation.

Gianna Carmona: The Rumoured Girlfriend Of Justin Fields

Gianna Carmona The Rumoured Girlfriend Of Justin Fields

At the age of 21, Gianna Carmona is making waves as a social media influencer, possibly sharing a romantic connection with Justin Fields, the second-year quarterback of the Chicago Bears. With a burgeoning follower count of over 7000 on her Instagram, the numbers would undoubtedly skyrocket if the rumored duo were to publicly acknowledge their speculated relationship.

Beyond the buzz, Carmona assumes the role of an Instagram model, bringing her unique touch to the world of TikTok. Her content is a blend of captivating travel snapshots, lifestyle vignettes, and peeks into her day-to-day experiences. 

Gianna Carmona Family Background

In the family, Gianna Carmona’s parents go by the names Norberto Carmona and Annie Franco. Alongside her, the family circle includes two siblings named Xavier and Sasha. Beyond the immediate family, her cousin Jioranni Rodriguez made his mark as a football player at Towson, adding to the athletic legacy.

Before her influencer journey, Gianna carved a path as a volleyball player. She took to the court representing the Towson Tigers, showcasing her athletic prowess and passion for the sport.

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How long have Justin Fields and Gianna Carmona dated?

Justin Fields and Gianna Carmona

For a span of a couple of years, whispers from various sources suggest that Justin Fields and Gianna Carmona have been entwined in a romantic connection. As of now, it’s important to note that their alleged bond hasn’t been officially verified, and both parties have maintained their silence on the matter.

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What does Gianna Carmona do for a living?

The girlfriend of Justin Fields, Gianna Carmona, has carved a name for herself as an Instagram model and a standout presence on TikTok. Her combined followers tally stands at an impressive 7,761, although she has opted for a private profile setting. 

Carmona’s online presence is punctuated by stunning travel escapades and captivating lifestyle content, particularly showcased through her Instagram and TikTok platforms. Her digital canvas is adorned with picturesque holiday snapshots, fashionable outfit captures, and glimpses into her day-to-day moments, painting a vivid tapestry of her life.

On a positive note, Chicago Bears’ quarterback Justin Fields has recently solidified his position in the Windy City, potentially securing his role for the forthcoming years. The diligent efforts of Bears’ General Manager, Ryan Poles, during this off-season will be dedicated to assembling crucial components around their franchise’s quarterback, setting the stage for an exciting chapter ahead.

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