Meet Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents, Martha And Peter Aiyuk


Brandon Aiyuk is one of the key factors behind the successful season of the San Francisco 49ers. Due to young wide receivers’ talent and dedication, the 49ers can play in the Super Bowl once again and potentially win a championship.

But where does Brandon Aiyuk get his values of working hard in the face of resilience? Let’s learn about Brandon Aiyuk’s parents and what they mean to him.

Who Are Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents?

Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents, Martha And Peter Aiyuk
Brandon Aiyuk’s Dad and Mom

Brandon Aiyuk’s parents are Martha And Peter Aiyuk. They brought Brandon to life on March 17, 1998, in Rocklin, California but raised him in Reno, Nevada. Both Martha and Peter Aiyuk are highly educated individuals who understand the importance of education.

Born in October 1968, Martha Aiyuk, graduated from the University of Nevada in May 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and continued to pursue her Master’s education from the same university. She started her career at a local Nevada cancer hospital where she worked as an administrator at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center before returning to her passion for nursing. Aiyuk’s father, Peter Aiyuk, is reported to be the Chief Performance Analysis Engineer at the Nevada Department of Transportation in Reno, Nevada.

They both played a major role in helping him hone his athletic abilities. Also here’s a fun fact you might not know, Brandon’s mom, Martha, is a die-hard 49ers fan.

Where Do Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents Live?

The Time Grant Cohn Had Dinner with 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk’s Mother via Grant Cohn

While Brandon was born in Rocklin, California, he spent most of his formidable years in Reno, Nevada where the whole Aiyuk family has made a name for themselves in their community.

However, Brandon Aiyuk had to keep traveling and moving due to his career. He spent his college days in Rocklin, California, which is his birthplace before transferring to Arizona State University to play college football. His current residence is in San Francisco where he plays for the 49ers.

Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents’ Ethnicity, and Nationality

Brandon Aiyuk is of African-American ethnicity as his mom is an immigrant from Cameroon and his father is an American national. Brandon was born on United States soil which makes Brandon an American citizen as well.

There is some disparity about his religious beliefs online with some sources claiming it to be Christianity while others proclaim it to be unknown. Brandon has not spoken on this topic yet.

Brandon Aiyuk’s Siblings

Brandon Aiyuk only has one older brother named Cameron Aiyuk, who is a basketball player and played college basketball at the University of Nevada, Reno.

He is currently playing professional basketball in the NBA G League and has said on record that he is very close to his younger brother and also very proud of his achievements. Bradon has also mentioned that he is close to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.


Brandon Aiyuk comes from a diverse background and a big family full of relatives and cousins who love and support him in his endeavors. Both his parents are also football fans and were able to push their son in the right direction when they noticed his athletic gift and helped him develop it further. Brandon has had a marvelous season this year but the best is yet to come.

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