George Karlaftis’ Parents: Meet Amy and Matthew Karlaftis


George Karlaftis, a professional footballer hailing from the United States, currently showcases his talent in the NFL, representing the Kansas City Chiefs. He was selected by the Chiefs in the 2022 NFL Draft, being chosen in Round 1 as the 30th overall pick.

In his freshman year at Prude in 2019, George established an impressive record with 54 tackles and 7.5 sacks. Now, let’s delve into George’s family background, including details about George’s parents and siblings, in this article.

Who Are George Karlaftis’ Parents?

George Karlaftis' Parents Meet Amy and Matthew Karlaftis

Matthew and Amy are the proud parents of George Karlaftis, a prominent NFL football player. Matthew, George’s dad, pursued a career as a civil engineer. He earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Miami before completing his doctorate at Purdue University.

Growing up in Greece, Matthew, George’s dad, showcased his athletic prowess as a track-and-field athlete and also participated in football. He holds one of the longest javelin throws in his school’s history. Tragically, Matthew passed away due to a heart attack while on a business trip in 2014.

Mrs. Amy Karlaftis, formerly known as Amy Weida, is George Karlaftis’s mom and is of American heritage. During her time at West Lafayette High School, Amy Weida distinguished herself in three sports and graduated as the all-time leading scorer in girls’ basketball for the team.

As a freshman near Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1994, Amy, George’s mom, first crossed paths with George’s dad. By 1998, their connection blossomed into love, prompting them to relocate to Greece, Matthew’s homeland. They exchanged vows in 2000 and were blessed with four children, with George being their eldest.

Where Do George Karlaftis’ Parents Live?

Following Matthew Karlaftis’ passing, the family departed Greece and reunited in Amy’s homeland, the United States. Despite encountering numerous challenges, their unwavering bond served as a source of strength, enabling them to navigate through adversity together.

Amy revealed in an interview that after her husband, George’s dad, passed away, George played a vital role in raising his older siblings. “I think George took the majority of the pain on his shoulders, whether that’s what he should have done or not. When you lose your father, Greek custom is you become the man of the house.”

She further said, “Well, at 13, we all know, it’s not very possible to become the man of the house, but he took that true to the heart and tried to do his best to be there for me, be there for his siblings, which he still does to this day. He had to grow up way too fast and become mature like overnight.”

George Karlaftis’ Parents’ Nationality

George’s genes hail from Greek descent on his dad’s side and American descent on his mom’s side. He was born in the neighborhood of Athens, Greece, where he spent his formative years. However, following his father’s passing in 2014, George’s family relocated to the United States.

George Karlaftis’ Siblings

George Karlaftis is not the sole child in his family; he has three other siblings – two brothers and a sister.

Following in George’s footsteps, his younger sibling, Yanni Karlaftis, embarked on a football journey at Purdue University, commencing in 2021. Yanni occupies the outside linebacker position on the team. Before his football pursuits, he engaged in judo, achieving remarkable success by clinching the Youth World Championship title at the tender age of 11.

Undoubtedly, athleticism runs deep within the Karlaftis family. In addition to George and Yanni’s sporting pursuits, George also has a sister named Annie and a younger brother named Niko.

George Karlaftis’ Social Media Presence

George Karlaftis maintains a significant following on his Instagram profile, where he shares posts featuring his mother and girlfriend. With 75.6k followers and 74 posts, his Instagram handle is @georgekarlaftis. Additionally, he has garnered 47.3k followers on his Twitter account, @TheGK3.


George Matthew Karlaftis is a defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs, born in Greece and raised in the United States. George is transparent about his relationship status and has been romantically involved with his girlfriend, Kaia Harris, for several years.

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